ACCUSATION crime of abuse, torture and the stole of my soon


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in this page i will publish the accusation concerning the facet of this complex crime of abuse, torture and the stole of my child

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this accusation fallows the struture that is present in three videos who are a oral statement concerning this crime, already publish in the main page in this links

first part, second part, third part

this is the writen first part of this accusation, today publish where at 18.28 . 19 10 2011



Prove of the crime of abuse and torture against a child, my soon, and the crime of stolen, first part

I present to the court this three videos statement concerning this point of the accusation

in this three parts of the accusation concerning this tremendous facet of this crime, in this videos that are a oral statement, a kind of resume by memory after all this years of major aspects of this crimes concerning 2004 and 2005, and certainly before and after, because many facts points a large preparation made in time

concerning details, I stated that the written accounts that I made at the time i take knowledge and conscience of them, are far precise, but until this moment they are only available in Portuguese version

I will try to translate them, or at least some extracts of that texts that whore published in the book of life

In first part of this oral statement,

I explain a part of the large picture of child abuse in portugal, that moderno school, belong and is running by isabel soares, daughter of mario soares, founder of socialist party and ex president of this corrupt republic, and also a link to England acts of terror, by the third international connections, blair and socrates as pm em both country’s at that time

I brief explain, the example of a crime case of child abuse in portugal, casa pia, a state institution, that was know for the last twenty years and that came to judgment more or less thirteen years after, that take almost seven years, where among others, some public figures connect with public televisions whore condemn, and the share knowledge in mind and heart that many portuguese have, that others, namely figures connected with the party’s and state, that appears during this long case, whore covered, this is also why the process take so long, as normal happen when they erase responsibility of many guilt’s

when criminals process take so many time, namely in corrupts country’s consequently with a corrupt justice, this long period of time, say in most cases, that many use it, to erase the evidences of the guilt’s ones

I remember also concerning this case, the ex portuguese ambassador , jorge rito, that is connected with the socialist party and the arrest in a certain point of the PS deputy paulo pedroso, and what that show to all, about the promiscuity relations between political and judicial powers, by the acting of his brother at that time, who also is a judge

this case also prove the existence of strong connections in child abuse and the PS, and all others political forces, because it was clear an agreement between all them behind the table of justice, this also points by it internal logic, that others from others party’s must be involved

this sustain among others facts, the constant crimes they do against my soon and me, and the connection with mario soares, ps, and his daughter isabel soares, and the moderno school

I remember that a discover by a mum of the moderno school in 2005, that my soon, was been taken to a psychiatric at least during the year of 2004 before the family came apart and before the stolen of him, during the time he was at the school, and this was covered by the board of the school, namely, by the the director, isabel soares, daughter of mario soares,

in the second part, I also remember that I confront her with this cover and she did no answer me, this fact sustain and prove that, her, in behalf of the moderno school, is involved in this crime and hereby I formally accuse her in the European court

there are three psychiatric on the front of this crime and at least one behind, two of them belonging to gnosismed, a very particular name, of a group with many others connections referred in the book of life, group Word, by another doctor that was spouse of the book editor, namely, of the book, rose of the world, herminio monteiro,

that many others facts on this facet of this crime, points the existence at least of more one psychiatric behind, and the evidences point daniel sampaio, also connected with the moderno school, brother of jorge sampaio, also head of the socialist party and ex president of this corrupt republic

that after discovering that my soon was going to a psychiatric without my knowledge and agreement, I was at the surgery of the first one, helena sequeira, she receive me “with rocks in her hands”, saying that francisco was only there two times, that she had produce two reports, that I obtain a copy, and when I analyze them, I detected copy and paste of periods one for the another, that they are tricky and false and also by this reason, she also say that she appears on this process by the hand of a lawyer I asked myself, if this was not also a prepared cover , also because the two episodes that arise with francisco

( here the link to the copy of this two false reports of the psychiatric helena sequeira on the evaluation of my soon francisco)

this facts with many others prove the constant persecution, and even attempts to murder done by many of the socialist party, that I gave the account during this years at my book of life, equally sustain and amplifies this formal accusation against this portuguese party and all the leaders during the period that this crime still going, as a criminal association in this crime

I accuse isabel soares of the moderno college, mario soares, the socialist party, and the psychiatrists helena sequeira, ana paula valente, teresa maia, and daniel sampaio of the crime of abuse, torture, and stole of my soon

in the second part of this oral statement

I start to return to the question, why the college and isabel soares, had cover the visits to the psychiatric of my soon during the time of school, and I remember to all, that I question her when I discover this fact, and that she did not gave me a answer

this is the prove of her culpability and subsequently interest in this process, and in particular in this action made trough the psychiatric, which is a common procedure when someone is planing the robber of a child

this also prove the act with criminal intention, because, if not this one, they did no have any need to cover the fact that he was visiting a psychiatric

shall all and in particular the court, understand this in a very precisely and clear mode

when a couple have a soon, independent of the rule of they marriage, so call “ fact union” as it was at that time define by the law, or civil marriage, or even religious marriage, paternity is also rule, to both, mother and father, by the register that the couple do in the state, then it s assume, by that legal act that both have equal duty´s and rights concerning the child

this legal presumption, determines and rule the behavior of all kind of social body concerning the soon and the couple, understand as mother and father, which also means and determine, that any social body´s, like for instance a school, is obliged to respect this rights, assure and treat in equal mode both parent

equal treatment and equal respect in relation for both fathers imply, in this case, that the school, must had always the same role concerning the fulfillment of they obligations, acts trough or in relation to the child, as in same manner, school, is obliged to have always a neutral position trough both parents, even in situations, where the parental rights came in discussion, where by this reason, neutrality became more important to be assure and respect

when a child if for instance at a school, or in another kind of social body, some of what society and law understand to be the duty’s and rights of paternity, are in a way delegate, at least temporary, on this body’s and consequently in people that carry functions of direction, or others, concerning the activities that are the function or that happen in this body´s

due and according to the nature of the functions of the social body s, like schools, society’s had produce many laws concerning this questions, and consequently responsibility, namely concerning questions that may arise connected with security, health protection, and eventual s harm of different kind

as for instance, is a common rule in a school, that they have a signature order of both parents concerning activities that they promote outside the space of the school, if no other previous write agreement knowledge by the school,was made between both parents, that namely by common agreement, delegate in one of the parents, the fulfillment of this or other particular function

the observance of this principle is of major importance, because laws are made by humans and reflect always the dominant conceptions at a certain space time, and many country’s still have in different laws , elements, prepositions and rules that contradict in part or in all the assurances based on the principle of any discrimination between, what we define as genre

this is for example, what law indirectly stated when it defined historical the role of the father as the one in the couple with the responsibility of decision concerning education matters, in portuguese the formulation, was, o “the one who had the responsibility for the education”, a normal at not so far away, dominant masculine role was many probably still remember

also because education is continuous and complex function, and the nature of it self, say to all, that education is always done by father and mother among many others

in this case, the facts that occurred prove that the moderno college did not treat in equal mode both parents, neither respect the obligation they had by the nature of they functions in relation to both parents and for this reason this is also a crime of abuse of power done trough the function and role they carry

this fact is a act of authorization and covering during the period of time of school, more then once, visits to a psychiatric, without the previous knowledge and oral or written agreement trough one of the parents, in this case the father

if we believe what is written in the reports of the psychiatric helena sequeira, at least, seven times during the years of 2005 and 2006

this crime was commit by the director of the moderno school, isabel soares, and the fact that she did not answer me when I asked her about, how it was possible that she had act is such way, also prove in a indirectly mode, that she had conscience of the crime at the time she do it, and by this reason, can not be considered any kind of attenuation concerning her responsibility in this particular act, by the contrary, because, this show a degree of preparation on the act it self

when the family break apart in the beginning of 2006, the soon, was by agreement made between the father and the mother, with both, in more or less equivalent weekly period of time during almost that school year, and for this fact, school was inform and know this, and in the same manner I asked at that point, that they also start sending a copy of all the school information for my address where the soon was also living, namely the announcement of parents meetings

which they did not do, and for this reason prove, again, that they, do not respect they obligations and duty’s trough one of the parents, which is the same crime above described concerning the absence of the school to visit the psychiatric

this second crime, had a precise goal, to serve after the accusation when the case arrive to the court of family and child’s, to sustain the image of an irresponsible and absent father concerning his parental duty’s

both criminal acts, and the time period where they occur, show and sustain, the presence of a intentional and organized purpose of crime intention and action by isabel soares trough her role as college moderno director, and this is also an aggravating circumstance concerning her crime

for this crimes above described, I ask the court the condemn of isabel soares

this accusation claims that isabel soares act with many others in this crime of stole, abuse and torture of my soon, and in the development of others facets f this crime, this claim, will have all it substance, and will support also the accusation of activities done trough criminal association

for the moment, they are facts, that she is the daughter of maria barroso and mario soares, that she brings closed connections with the socialist party and with the feminine mason organization, that her mother was in a certain time, one of the leaders of this organization, and that socialist party is strongly involved in many different crimes of child abuse in portugal and in particular in this crime, that moderno college is the college of the child’s of the socialist elite among others

in the precise moment of this writing, what I can consider a synchronicity, arrived, because at the same time, around this 9 11, I had comment to all and to America in particular this major attack and also the actual political situation on the world, where I mentioned among others the situation in Israel and Palestine

synchronicity is a term by the psychiatric CG Yung, who was at a certain point of his life friend and support of pestalozzi, was he gave the account on his writings

as child , in primary time, I was at pestalozzi school, a small chalet like suisse alemand, that have been with the same size and proportion, all his life and it is in the same street where the first installation of moderno school, in the street of malpique, at Lisbon

I remember going to school walking some times by the hand of my father, two corners, maybe one hundred meters, in the first one, the house of the bandit and murder mario soares, in the second one, the moderno, at the end of the same street pestalozzi

one year, perhaps 65, or 66, or around, when he return to school after the big summer holidays, we remark that at side, there was a new installation of college moderno, and one day, as I remember, a rock, a big one, was trow by some one of moderno in the patio of pestalozzi, this have a symbolical translate, the action of they kids shows the intention that was behind, that was already in the minds of they parents, a war, the launch of a war against pestalozzi, which means, the ones of this generation that belong to that school, the best educational project in portugal at that time

by the side of the child’s it self, it translate already the kind of values and culture of violence, that we all now in portugal to be one of the marks of political character of the members of socialist party, so well expressed, without any criminal or even judicial consequences, by jorge coelho, ex minister, one of the heads of this party during decades, also the man of the political structure, when we stated in public domain, what they constantly have done and do, that the ones that mingle with PS, will be beaten

if the court still have any doubt about the violent culture of the socialist party in portugal, and his heads, or if there still any doubt they act many times in a criminal way even doing murders, the court must analyze what I have recent again comment and demonstrate, concerning a murder of one of them by themselves, the dead of sousa franco, and also, and by a side, worst, what this murder, say to all, about the real power they have to curve justice, as they had do also in this case

or, and, what show the facts around the dead of 86 people at the bridge of entre rios

today in the newspaper cover here at portugal a news about the release of the young soldier boy from Israel and almost five hundreds Palestine in exchange, a good new for both size and a strange proportion show in the balance

yesterday I remember thinking about this image, there another that also mirrors this old fight, the fact that a refer some time ago, that many of the lands around the neighborhood of this college, university city, seems have came to the hands of mario soares and I ask the court to make a research on this, because this can prove also the crime of illicit incomes due to activities of corruption and abuse of power trough the state

the facts prove this, and the facts where in this point of this accusation are many constants attempts of murder against ex pestalozzi students some with dead success, along decades and two recently deadly crimes, that traduce by it nature, and sequence, exactly this

the dead of lucinda atalaya, co founder with her husband of the pestalozzi college, that I saw in her coffin, and I saw in her face signals of bad treatments that quickly her life, and just before the dead of the teacher amelia, that lucinda had chose to proceed with the project of the school, and the sequence of this two dead’s, demonstrate in a clear way, a planned action to put a end to the school of pestalozzi in portugal, and kill the ones that they consider dangerous by them plan of control of political power and subsequently all the robber crime they do against the people

this is more them proved by all the facts that I gave the account of the constant persecution and even multiple attempts of murder for instance against my person and now, also against my soon

the socialists and they school, knows from a long time that students of pestalozzi, will be very dangerous for them, for the constants crimes they do by the abuse of political powers, that curve other powers, like the college of portuguese doctors, as demonstrate in the dead of one ex student of pestalozzi, nuno lemos, as I explain among other deadly crimes, in detail at my book of life,

why, because, the values and practice of pestalozzi, whore at that time, the bests, I do not know any killer from this school, and a remember that pestalozzi child’s, instead throwing stones, made a 8 mm movie with metaphysical questions around chasing and killing a small bird with a gun

there also the question of the genius and the knowing by many from different houses of the existence of them

This point came again to my conscience in recent time, by the re reading of a small text written by the teacher and master, agostinho da silva, around the so call portuguese revolution, with the name, prepositions, where he stated about genius, and today I know also that he was speaking directly to some of us, saying in summary, that genius, we can not do them, but at least we can and we must always protected them, because they are important to the future of all

after the moment of the dead of lucinda atalaya, I read by the spirit and gave the written account on book of life, of the reading concerning the acts that others have done that lead her to dead and made her more suffer at the end of her life, and the reading had point at that precise moment, a lady that works of had work in the house of mario soares

for this facts and interpretation of them, I ask the court a full investigation on the account that I gave about the murders of people connected with the pestalozzi school, and the others facts in this part mentioned, that allow the rise of all the truth and consequently the full comprehension of the criminal responsibility’s

end of the first part of the prove of the crime of abuse, torture against a child, my soon, and his stolen, written between the day 26 of September and 19 of October