terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

new up dates

diary of conspiracy at european criminal court
video sum

accusation of torture

junker and berlusconi, image echos at media where in portugal 
, another s detail after in fallowing video masters

inside crimes, 

sum of accusation against portuguese state institutions, and prove, that, this crime is a crime of state conspiracy against two citizens


words for my son francisco
account of the robber

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ouro sobre azul, other s up dates

segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

second part of this accusation concerning crime of acts of torture against my son and myself

second part of this accusation concerning crime of acts of torture against my son and myself


society also bring laws that regulated duty’s responsibility and limit of acting, concerning what we can call medical acts and its a crime by itself, that a doctor proceed to an examinations of this nature, without knowing if they have the previous knowledge and agreement of both parents, this became even more important to be respect because this kind of medical procedures, deals with knowledge that can affect the behavior and even the psychological balance and welfare of a child, and is many time used as guns in fights between parents, or even done by one against the other, that sometimes also made suffer the child’s, which means, configure in this cases even crimes against the rights of child’s

read more at http://3-cc.blogspot.com/view/magazine

prove of the envoy of criminal accusation against the president of pt parliament

and public inquiry to the justice minister in the absence of awnser after the email s and the calls, i send by post with a register of reception, the formal accusation against the parliament and the president

here the links on last steps on this crime

and the full story of this crime, on the child blog of this one, 

quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011


english version of the complain that i m trying to present the Curia, european criminal court since the day 6 of july this year

expedite actions?
expedite actions of justice?

or criminals as prove by all the process until now and the absence of anwsers, that also prove this is a world crime of conspiracy

...because I bring my small child stolen and abuse for this last six years and any authorities judiciary , judicial, politics and from all the orders that are involved in this crime for all this time, anyone without any exception, gave me at least a answer, and all have deny me the right to claim and defend....

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

again, prove of crime of illegal entrance at my home and sum to european criminal court, curia

fallow up on criminal accusation against the president of pt parliament and others

see people of the world, how this bandits reign in total impunity, and how they treat citizens that have soons and all robber for six years, after had publish here a criminal complain against that lady, that was the anwser on the cover of news paper yesterday

say apparently the lady, very smiling as always, that if there is a political conspiracy the markets give in,
indeed marvelous words,as I comment in portuguese  

sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

To all, to european parliament, to all parliamentary, to the president of european parliament

three thousand
more around

the best cream
of all

we citizens

and protect
sixteen millions of souls

there none with an heart
there none who act in justice
there none who act according the

The humans rights
The rights of Child’s

must I
and all

Then I All You
must ask

do you battle
in name of what

what interests
in a collective way

you all
don’t answer a child and a father
and assure them
the justice
that is missing
for so long

who is making a wall
in european institutions

who is making a wall
in european court

why crimes had already arise
why You did not even answer them



brave warriors
of the construction

is the option
of whom
burn the bridges
of justice
the peace

may the price
be know
for all

inside crimes, new blog created

inside crimes

child of this one,


economy lesson and criminal accusation pt finances minister.

2º part, economy lesson and criminal accusation against actual portuguese finances minister for the reason of the part of accusation also here in this blog publish, you can see the other two parts, mainly in english at the post today at book of life, ourosobreazul.blogspot.com

a conversation with mr junker, around a recent image with him in this constant illusion at medias, will be publshed after

crime complain send to Luxemburg PM

this is the face letter that was send day 08 11 2011, which i gave the video account where,  with the complain, that is publish here in this blog, in the absence of any develpment by the embassy at lisbon until now, video account on embassy contact, here, and before, two vey starnge phone calls with Luxemburg police, here and here

and the prove of the envoy with a reception demand, that also was not arrived until the day of this publish, 18 11 2011

quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011

criminal complain at curia, against the portuguese constitucional court, first part

when I finish the conversation at lady teresa almeida garret cabinet we both stand up, the lady walk with me trough the labyrinth, in the wall there was the draw, the draw that appears constant behind the gentleman’s, i stooped her for a moment and say to her, have you already notice how this image is an illustration of what happen in this house and in the field of justice in portugal, what seems to be a painting, a grey slate full of ashes with many white strokes, without any dot of escape, without harmony or balance, is an image that speak about the real, she replay to me, I will start looking for it in another way, now that you show me


criminal complain at european criminal court against portuguese parliament

This is a criminal complain at european criminal court curia, against the actual portuguese parliament and his president, assunçao esteves, member of the so call social democratic party, against the ex parliament president, jaime gama, against the ex and the actual president of the first parliament commission, and against all heads of all the political groups that had and have political representation at the parliament this two last legislatures

read more at 


email send now to european parliament, cabinet of the president

(in the absence until now of any answer)

To the president of European parliament
to all the parliamentary
to all

sweet dears representatives
can I and all understand
why until now
i did not receive any answer
from none of you

i m sending this link
because as you all can see
seems that representation
here or there
is based on the same treatment

do you think this legal arguments
are also applier in the case of the presidency cabinet
at EC

in the absence of an answer
in the deny of help and justice
for a child and a father
that are European citizens

equal treatment
there is not us and you
is this only a kind of love fusion
that normally we use in the bed of love with our lover

I m think, that i had already listen some kind of similar
philosophical and transcend declaration
i m asking myself

whoever even trying to kill me all the days
I m still alive
I would like to have a replay from you all

the link with seems the same you and us
or something in the genre

paulo forte
16 11 2011

send by email to the cabinet of the presidency of European parliament

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

prove of the envoy crime complain to Luxembourg PM

i send the  letter  today  by post, which is a formal crime complain, in the absence of any replay from the Luxembourg embassy here at Lisbon,

in this link, the account of that contact at 21 10 2011


the complain is already here published as a crime complain to the geral prosecutor of Luxembourg at the day 18 10 2011, and also any replay until this moment
in this link


a new crime at portuguese parliament presidency

published yesterday and today, the accusation on this link


terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

Accusation against the judge president of the portuguese supreme court, noronha de nascimento, at the European criminal court of justice

Accusation against the judge presidentof the portuguese supreme court, noronha de nascimento, at theEuropean criminal court of justice

Accusation against the superior councilof magistracy of portuguese supreme court, at the European criminalcourt of justice

in this link prove and accusation!!!!


i did not receive until now, any confirmation of reception or replay to my lasts email that i envoy to the cabinet of the pr of european parliament , day 5, and to the pr of portuguese parliament, day 2

sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011


in this link, the content that was before in the page ACCUSATION, crime of torture and abuse....

this new child blog of the main, a conspiracy crime, will be the place to continuing the writing of this most dark facetof this complex crime

i will put a link on the links, in this blog , with the same title, accusation crime of torture and abuse

daily dose of political corruption in portugal and greece case

see, dears representatives and all the others in the big parliament of europe oe even in galaxy
daily basis corruption crimes without justice in this corrupt country

the same question about Greece and about all the citizens in this ideia, of europe, if one
but i like very much to see your s faces and animas

specialy when i have a soon stole and abuse for this last six years
and many try also in daily basis to kill me

can understand
my will
is to cry

there no us and you

maybe in this way situation became equally for all
don t you think will be a good aim 

i just send a e mail to lady claire mayer from the mr buzek, Ec pr parliament

lisbon 05 11 2011, 16:54

dear claire, i m still waiting for the letter that you have confirm me by phone was signed by the president himself, 
as you know, i have no money to phone you all, as the page of the president say by what seems be his own words

"there is no us or you, we can say clear and loud this europe belongs to all"

shall we all, europeans citizens how many time, this beatifull say, take the time to travel by a phone call

i ask you, milady if you can forward this love letter to all the heads of parliament group, if ones, or even heads that pressume first the existence of hearts

paulo forte
and today,also a video that my interest you all

prove that the dear s representatives had receive sos letter

Hereby in the page documents of this blog, the photos of the prove that as mentioned in the last letter to EC dears sweet representatives, that they all had receive my first SOS, demanding help

photos of the receives

if you see the dates, they are around the days twenty of September this year
i suppose time enough for a anwser!
this say clear they deny anwser me
and this a crime against many laws

quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

187 E 02 11 2011

Dear s
sweet representatives of something, I m sure,
bureaucrats, bandits and terrorists

is very nice to think and state about the common reforms if we are first of all common in a way
perhaps, first of all because all we have a human heart
sometimes even a head that seems be the house of conscience
and not only the support of the woman’s beautiful hair

as a child
I like very much to inquiry you all
for instance

why there is not a justice system at European level
laws and rule arise because I m not alone in the world
it s then very strange
that a common project
whatever its is aims and formulation
seems had forget
that basic human need and condition
in whatever common spaces
we may consider

when there s no law and justice body s
came always bang bang

and things like robber s and even many crimes like genocide
and even the pieces that we carry in pockets seems some times be absent
perhaps this danger water s at EC institutions had a kind of Alzheimer

however I send to all you dears, representatives of political houses in European parliament
a SOS letter, because among many crimes, there s a constant attempt of murder against me

mr marco from the HTML family,
that I presume be also a political family
replay to me that you all receive tons of letters by day, even electronic ones

however I m always very glad to receive constant letters from my beloved one
because is a prove of love

of course it seems them
that the mean of the word


have distinct and even opposite

in the absence of a common law and normal and expected body s of justice
do not mistake with political body s team
that aim s good brain massages
that arouse after
by the law of the nature of the bees
good actions

I ask you all, that as representatives came also by each of the country’s that agree on a common project, if there is one, with a distinct law, that don’t consecrate the common principle, that, if we are aware of a crime, namely a attempt of murder against some one, we must intervene, and if we do not, some time we can be also had criminal charges

this is important to understand if according to each country s laws, a citizen in this circumstance can make a criminal accusation against the ones that act in this way, better saying and writing, do not act

of course, that common spaces, projects, or whatever it is and imply more them one together, are always and must always be build and ruled in the principle of equality of duty s and rights between all parts, or individuals because, common is only possible by the reason, that mans are all from the same family, of course bees included

some times this have another name, in the language of mans, at least,
human rights

that I suppose are granted on foundations of laws

I have send the SOS letter in the day 13 of September
I have also the prove that each one of you had received
but I still waiting for a replay

of course I m a very rich man
by love
my free time
trying to

paulo forte

02 11 2011

Dear lady Assunção Esteves,

president of the portuguese parliament

i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of this complex crime of international conspiracy against me and my soon

i cant imagine or even accept that you are not aware of the crimes against law that whore also committed in this parliament until this day for the last years

can you then answer me, do you still in the way of the bandits and child molesters or not

do you will fulfill the law and the rights that are granted to citizens, or may I assume that this new president will act as normally bandits and outlaws act

paulo forte

02 11 2011