terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

accusation and prove of murder against cavaco silva

293 M eggs of waters, about this new killing in belgiam

this part is mainly about the killing of childs from belgiam in a scholl bus
and becames inegrant part of the public criminal inquiry to european institutions

i will send this video by email to european parliament and comission

quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

message in a bottle, third letter to TPI

...I will make prove to this tribunal that this case is a case of terrorism made by the state it self, and a I will make clear prove that a large scale corruption reigns in portugal, and particular on police, courts, professional orders, the legislative assembly and the party system, wich also all are implicate in this process...



the crime by and made trough the three psychiatric

 This piece of this criminal complain, shows the crime by and made trough the three psychiatric s that appear on this process, and the attempt to declare me with a mental disturbance in the strategy to abuse and torture both, and to promote the robber of my son


send today by email to all the heads of european parliament

 .... and for all above stated, as european citizen, I demand to the major european institutions, the parliament and the commission, the immediate support and rescue, political asylum, a passport, because they had still mine, and access to health care, which I can afford where, the last time I was at a doctor, I was receive with blood in the instruments, and all criminal complains are not accepted here, and means, that allow me to have juridical support and fight for my life and the life of my son and for our rights and freedom....

read more at  http://cc-9.blogspot.com/2012/03/criminal-inquiry-to-european-parliament.html

public criminal inquiry to european parliament

I dream with you

angela markel

sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

criminal jokes from the terrorist of so call european parliament, perhaps mr shulz, himself

i have send this email to mr schulz in the day 24 last month


please forward this link,

to mr schulz, this is a criminal public inquiry that automatic became a criminal accusation in terms there described if as normal no answer

I appreciate if you can send me a confirmation of the reception of this email, because until the moment all the email s and register letter that I had send to all heads of political groups of the european parliament, included mr schulz, did not had any answer, and as european citizen, I expected from the representative body’s at europe, that, at least they treat official communications by the rules

paulo forte
european citizen

this email link to the video, here in this link

then i received this one 


5 march

Dear Sir,

The President of the European Parliament, Mr.Martin Schulz, received your message and requested the Citizens´Enquiry Service to reply.

Would you be so kind as to specify the exact subject of your message so that we may consider if we can examine it.

Thank you in advance,

Citizens´Enquiry Service of the European Parliament


then i replay yesterday

Dear Sir

only today i had acess to my mail

indeed, i send the wrong link withe the public criminal inquiry
the link is this one

i suppose that after listening this public video you can understand at least part of the mater

i suppose that G corresponde to gianmarco, and if this is the case, i appreciate that you can confirm me also, if the letter apparently signed by you in behalf of the president, mr jerky buzek, is real

i trie to confirm with you, by phone, a let a message to one of your s collegues, but i did not get any awnser

i say this, because, i had send a letter to mr. jerky, and by phone, his assistant, claire mayer, say to me that the president had send me a signed letter , that i did not receive until this day

your´, s , is in his behalf, and is very strange as content, because is not even true the arguments

can you please clarify this ?

to understand this matter you can see the public account here, http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/
and in particular concerning this question, 

thank you for your replay

waiting for news

paulo forte

today i had this one and in the page there no link to such thing


Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur,

Nous vous remercions de votre courrier électronique.

Dans le souci de mieux correspondre à vos attentes, nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous contacter désormais par le biais du nouveau "Portail des Citoyens", mis à votre disposition à l'adresse Internet

Sélectionnez sur la page mentionnée plus haut, la rubrique "Courrier du Citoyen" et cliquez sur le lien "Boîte aux lettres". Remplissez alors dûment le formulaire qui s'affiche sur votre écran. Enfin, cliquez sur "ENVOYER".

N.B. Nous vous invitons donc à transférer le contenu de votre Email vers le formulaire, par simple "copier/coller" (copy/past).

Avec nos remerciements

now i will copy all this and i send again to the email of mr schulz,
what kind of treatment is this one, i send to you a email, then i received a apparent reply from mr addimando, and today this joke