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post at the day 23 of september, 19:31 

day 23 of September 2011, nineteen day of help demanding

a constant murder attempt against me,

I suppose that this can also seems very bizarre to many, but one tactic they have been use to constant attempting against my life, is trough the teeth’s.

This is part of what I can call long term strategies to kill, because as I say many time on book of life, there many attempt against my teeth all along decades, as I discover after some time

the method is very simply in it s essence, each time that we lose a teeth, we lose ability, to crunch as normally we do, and we can developed disease on stomach and other organs, namely if they already know that for instance someone had a habit to eat quickly, as they do, because many know by the constant, all life profile, they do about me

also problems on teeth s, make appear infections, who normally are shorter, one to three days, when peoples have the possibility to get the normal treatment, and they are treated with antibiotics

this became more complicated, because when we are not able to treat them, I must live with infections some times for large period of months, in this last years, as I gave the account in book of life,

a infection is always a process to weaken the body and the body defences, them came a kind of lottery, because they know by expertise that , if for instance, I get another kind of infection, or disease , things can became really troubled in health, and even dead can occur

as a give to all the written account, last time I was at the dentist, she received me with blood on the instruments, and as you all know, my complains about crimes, are not accept on this corrupted, all levels country

when it happens, I had to take this decision, I can not receive dental care here in portugal, because blood on instruments can also say, transmission even of mortal diseases

at the same time, pains in teeth’s and special for so long periods of time, became very painful, this is also a goal of the terrorists, try to diminish my energy and will , namely to this fight

I have already lost a few teeth s in this last years, and I still have problems of them

for this reason, I need support to do this treatment, and I must go abroad to do it, perhaps disguise with a bear

also sometimes, when he had a mouth infection, came a strange smell, that girls don’t like to kiss, also this is one of the strategies they use in another facet of this crime, the castration process

this are crimes, and I demand the assurances that are granted by the laws to protect myself and my healthy, but what this means for criminals and out laws, as constantly prove , and recently again here in this video account when I remember facts connected with family portas, CDS and BE, that happen twenty years ago, who prove that this conspiracy is also done by doctors, and that they are protect by the doctors order

teeth’s and beast, is a recurrent image trough this troubles times, many comments on book of life about it, many echo’s all around the world, namely form ONU, also the underground bombs in London, and a strange building here near Lisbon, connected with the so call case Freeport and the socialist terrorist jose socrates , ex prime minister

day nineteen of this demand of help, the phone ring tree or four times, very short to attend , with privates number, in the mail box only letters with attacks from the terrorists here trough the state, no personal letters with any kind of support, no telegrams, no answers, they still enter my house every days, but I believe in Love and I Know She Works in Mysterious Ways, and to You My Love, don t worry by now, because I do not smell strange from my lips, and I desire always to kiss You a Lot

paulo forte

post at the day 10 09 2011, 18:13

as i say in the first text on this page, i will give here, the account of the support that i received if one

during this period of time, from the day 28 of september, until this day, i did not received any

no love letters in my mail, post company,
no phone calls from any one
none in the stretts, give me a hand or a saying

and also a did not see the eyes of my lover

strange... there is someone out there......

help, solidarity, love , are this words and before acts?!


video recorded at day 28 of August, 121- 2011 09 04, repairing my trousers

as i stated often, i m still alive by charity of my parents that give me some money that allows living, if i can say that this is real life, to live like i m in prison, without any trial or sentence

my mother gives me eighty euros by week, from her small pension and my father gives forty euros for food

remembering all, in 2003, I start writing a Book of Life,, following a promise that I have made to Love and God, knowing that all humankind will face major battles for salvation in this recent years, after the millennium

when my reserve money finish I sell all my professional video equipment that had allowed me to sustain that promise and continuing writing which is also a form of prayer, then that money also finish and this last years a still alive by charity of my family

in 2005, I received the first payment from my brothers and sisters, they still at that point my only soon, at the age of five, and they still maintain this crime which is also a act of abuse and torture against a child and a father. In this last two years, I only seen him, for five minutes, if so much

there is a crime of international conspiracy against my person and my soon, and still going on, and also continuous threats and attempts to murder me, my soon and my family,

also in 2005, as you can see in Book of life, when I run out of money, I write a small text with my bank account, that I had until this time, asking for help, and I did not received any help, perhaps because people think at that time, that was a joke or a kind of fiction

perhaps, you will find hard to believe, but during all this years, no one in the city where I live or in my country, gave me a direct and declared support of any kind, and the same happen with all authorities at all the levels, and I m a person very well know by many here and all around the world

I am also the oldest tv independent producer in portugal, a founded a production tv company at the end of eighty´s, and even been very well know by this reason in the all the medias, no one until this day, news papers, tvs and radio, had give me what will be consider normally a echo or a hand to father and a soon that are offend in this manner

at the end of 2004, if a remember well the date, when again as was running out of money, I write in a small text where a gave the bank account that I still had at that moment, asking support, and I did not receive a cent from anyone, that text is one that the terrorists had erase on the blog, which reminds me, a old thought, perhaps they have also, still the money

as a shoot todat, 01 09 2011, on the cover of the portuguese news papers, showed on the video 11 2011 08 31B, at the end, that apparently news with money that sarkozi had received from l oreal, it seems in a way a echo to this the upper line of this text, and also, the recently line about l oreal, that I also comment on the video 2011 08 31A

one of the most strange feelings and conscience that arise to me, is , knowing the help I gave and give to all, or for instance when I remember that the concept that I gave to fight the cancers and other diseases is already applied in the north of europe with great success, and even loving so, i do not find any kind of assistance, others then my family

what I need for the moment

I need a new door lock, and a portable pc

both for security reasons, the lock is the most urgent, because is a way to prevent the continuing crime of entering my house, who aloud the criminal even to attempt against my life every days, the second is the assurance of the possibility of preservation of memory and documents of this fight against the ones who have still my soon, if of course, a carry it always with me

as I gave different accounts on my book of life, different groups of terrorists and stiller had copy’s of my keys for many years

( grou, os terrorist and still, name, is ps serpente man ad of the copys of my keys, delta ear ws, )

I suppose the had a key at the year that I displace my enterprise to this installations, when a change the lock, with a shop of chaves do arieiro, one of the most important business ( bus sin es )here in portugal in this field, who by the way, seems selling a model which is a copy of a germany one

(the serpente, hp, dust, of the man isa sat ata, j, k, cover, ard fi mda da parada, iurd )

the shop is at jardim da parada, here in the neighborhood, and same years after, when I as passing on the street, I saw a man at the door, that is a a fac smile of durao barroso, and the spirit told me at that moment, that was the group of durao barroso, who had that copy of my look, in the year that a change trough here, around the millenium, this image also connected with many others, the fallen of the bridge here in north of portugal, also comment in detail in the book of life

( he ft use, big g este terrorist c ava co do silva, the doc, pre sin square co o rup da pt))

in more recent years I also noticed a new still of the keys in the coffe of ritalinos, in the corner of the street of the house of one of the biggest terrorists , cavaco silva, the one who claims to be the president of this corrupt republic, in a pass made by a professional pickpocket that they have arranged for that purpose

just in a line a remember all that as proved in book of life trough many facts, cavaco silva as other politicians, like socrates, ex prime minister, they had still often even precise lines of my political speech that the reproduce on medias as them

more recently, I gathering 60 euros, and had buy a new look, on one of major shop around lisbon, alfragide, and again they reach to have that keys. As I gave the account, all my steps are in surveillance by many, and in that day, after buying, a saw a psp police car, that was perhaps transmitting that information, and when I arrived at another shop near by, the media something, the private security there, know already that I bring a new looker, in the bag, as a I understood by the conversation that occurs at that moment

so a can not buy a look where in portugal, I must travel to another country, perhaps disguise myself with a bear and them buy and install myself, and have all the key everyday ion my pocket, because as also gave the account, it seems they, also had entering the house through the windows, they had retired one of the look in a window as I show once to all

I don’t have a bank account for many years, and a don’t intend to have one, before the banks correct the crimes they had and are doing against me and many on this field as I proved in book of life, and this is also a crime complain that I had made long time ago without any answer

I m speaking about the robber crime disguise in form of the so call maintenance expenses of accounts, see the integral comment on this crime published at, if it is still there

also was all know, by many proves that gave the account, all my communications and correspondence are controlled and some times (d es cia ted), deviated, even by the official post company here in portugal

in this demand of help, I gave hereby my complete name, my address, and a copy of my signature, and if some help came in form of checks, I will gave here a weekly account of the eventual received and the origin, unless some one wish to maintain anonymity, in this case, I will refer only the amount and the date or other elements if ones

as you all know, they do not entering my house only to spy, still all kind of things, and prepared sometimes art that provoke disgrace all around the world, but also sometimes, they poise me , this is then a question of my one security, which as I always stated, came always first, because I can not defend where on earth my soon or others if I m dead

many times I had ask my neighborhood about the illegal and criminal entrances in my home, and other strange affairs that some time occur and no one seems to know, which gives me the idea that they are all, or involved, or covering, this acts

other protection idea that I have, is to connect a alarm direct to a police station, which is possible to do by law here in portugal, even knowing that the police, is also curved to the terrorists of this conspiracy, but at least in this way, a register, will exist, if they not erase it

other possibility is to install a recording video system at house, but as I told once, I connected a camera to my vhs, then they erase the tape, and after they stole the vhs it self

I also need a portable pc or other, powerful and fast enough to also allow video editing, because as you all know I use it often in this battle

paulo miguel garcia fernandes forte

adress, rua do borja, 57, 1 C/V, 1350 -045 Lisboa, Portugal

my phone number, 926 263 177

I strongly suggest that all the correspondence to me, be register and had also a invoice of reception