terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Christmas eve

Portugal is a nazi regime

where child's are stolen, abuse and torture and murder for many decades
where all the laws are deny to a citizen
where all the authorities are Nazis

terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

criminal accusation against ex pt prime minister, jose socrates

...I demand to the prosecutor of the court first of all to obtain from the public archives of public television this piece as prove, and then that he inquiry jose socrates, what is the real meaning of a police body that can carry functions like the one he claim, the prevention of cataclysms, because as citizen I do not know any secret policial ways or knowledge to prevent cataclysms and by other side, as a portuguese citizen that lives in this corrupt country form many decades, I know, that this terrorists of state, in a constant way, disguise the truth in his reverse, wich means in this case, that is more probable, that in reality they are the ones responsible for many cataclysms that occur every where around the world, and if this truth,they must be charge by many crimes of genocide...

read more at http://2-cc.blogspot.com/view/magazine

portugal, and undercover nazi regime

all the days, the same crime of illegal entrance of my home, 
possibly also a echo of a scene last week end in the underground that will be explain further 

view the video at ourosobreazul.blogspot.com, post of today

criminal complain against ISS, complete

...as the court knows I m still alive for this last years by charity of my parents who give me weekly money that allow me to live, because for many years, many, including the state was succeed that I can not work in this corrupt country, and this also serve as pretext to maintain the robber, torture and abuse of my son, and also to robber my intellectual and artistic works...

segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

explanation to the court about other facet of abc love reactions

and crimes do and cover by this process



criminal complain against the actual pt prime minister


I received on 16 of December, this prove of reception of the criminal accusation that I had send by register mail to passos coelho , so call prime minister of portugal

as the court can see, again there no official stamp, and the date that came with the signature of whom received at the official house of prime minister, is from the day 09 of this month
how is possible then that prove of reception just arrive today!!!!

still no answer, still the same answer, the permanent confession of they active participation on this crime of conspiracy against my child and me!!!!

I demand all the justice that is due to me and to my son, during all the last six years!!!!

child’s molesters, corrupts and thief’s, jail with them all !!!!!

new attack from the terrorists of the portuguese state

here, http://2-cc.blogspot.com/view/magazine

quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

new terrorist attack in europe, belgium and italy, this is a prove

this master was recorded yesterday, and his the prove that this killings, if true, that occurs in belgian and italy whore prepared where by this corrupts and state terrorists, i will not send any email today to any authoritie, because as i remenber in this video, i have done it many times in recent past, to all kind of authorities, and as all know no anwser i get from noone of them, i advside all, however to take attemption to this content because is a prove

to the european institutions if one, i also advise that who see the other sequencial masters to full understand this new crimes, with deads

we all see if the authorities this time, will anwser or not !

new crime of illegal entrance at my home

yesterday, one of the iron "bastoes", ref , three legs of the piece of wc, was missing, someone take it of, bastao, is somethingh that is connect with the objects that represent power namely at the lawyers order, that as all know, i just accused here

all the days they enter my house
this a crime
this is a criminal complain to all authorities in the world, if one

criminal complain against the pt pm

prove that this cabinet, pm included, are active part on this conspiracy against a father and a son

as the court can see, in the link under, a send register letter with a criminal complain to the bandit that calls him, prime minister of this corrupt country the day 5 of december, until now i do not have as usally any anwser, this is prove of his guilty


segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

prove of reception of the complain to the actual pt justice minister

as all can see, time enough to have a replay which is not the case

again this prove that the conspiracy is going on cover by this cabinet

a dream id, of the one who attempted to murder me, in a dream

extract of a more complex image that will be soon publish

crime complain at luxemburg pm, prove or forjery

this came today
the prove of receptioo of the crime complain that a send to the pm of luxemburg concerning the crimes at curia european criminal court

again no stamp, and a to much delay on the arrival, this is again a act of terrorism!!!!!

attacks in net, or awnser to angela markel

The attack on day one of December, was indeed a very complex one, in the sense that at the same time, they again change the programs here at my home, and in consequence of this they erase the originals 360 to 388, that correspond to what was to be the master 212, more them one hour conversation, this are crime made by the police and authorities themselves, who are in reality murders, this is a criminal complain to european court

cop do pm, of prime minister, the terrorist passos coelho, that the image of the cover day one, of news paper, publico, where they say about the transfer of money from the pensions, and that will be no impact, even with a 300 millions mistake in the budget, fuckers, as the disguise to say between the group of bandits that they succeed in erasing all this proves of many crimes

the image on cover of publico, shows, the other criminal, the so call minister of finances giving a hand shake to paulo portas, as thanking the erase of this proves, with a profound expression of relieve

this is prove also by what is say in the video 221 M, because there I made reference to the comments on the matters that they still and erase

virus, relaçao imagem, do jardim ,imagem do anjo do parker, omoplatas, pontadas, claques benfica, imagem da holanda,stadium, murder of pym, manif, agressao, caixao alcantara, ala cantara, femenin of cantaro, vase , the code line, rodape dos medicos confirmando a corrupçao actos medicos, pros e contra, serviço publico, agricultura, outra linha cujo roubo vinha já espelhado no jornal, como apelo do cavaco, diziam, as putas, apagaram a imagem da americana, pois dva a aobvia ligaçao com o passe feito no museus do oriente, as linhas dos barcos do museus do oriente, antena dois, a iamgem da rapariga, modelo do pedro abrunhosa, axe parfum, grupo reunião, a linha do poul fmi, prova dos noves, pest alo da rede de um ozzi, o carro kitado, guitarrista, o dossier, casy study, noronha do nascimento, mota soares, a lambreta e o carro de luxo, imagem dos indigos, a pera , imagem de londres, borboleta , zorrinho, palno tecnologico e mota soares, russia, casinos, amorim,

egg of waters, a gift to the dissulision man, details of the key of michael parker, london matters

peugeot 504, av poeta mistral, guarda nocturno e o carro da isabel , belgica,

description of part of the psychological process associate with robber and adulteration of content

brief description to the european criminal court about some aspects of the translation in psychological field due with the robber and adulteration of contents of this accusation 

second part of two, final accusation against the poruguese lawyersorder

 here , in the link above
the second part of this criminla complain to the criminal european court, against portuguese lawyers order


sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Crime complain to european criminal court against the head of jean monet center of european communities at lisbon, portugal, and others

....I stress also to the court that during this particular step, asking protection and justice for my son and myself, again at least two attempt of murder me also occur, and many other deadly crimes had arise, this are very serious matters of crimes....


i will put the links that are in the text after

posts today

web and relatives

in a way a conversation with the word of angela markel where in a cover of news paper that i comment in another video, the need that portugal will have a anti terrorism informatic unit

because this statment shows that the understand is at least half of what is need
see my texts on ourosobreazul.blogspot.com to understand this in all, what namely web need

this is a crime complain at the criminal european court against portuguese authorities and in particular oncerning this crime, iss,


judge ana peres, casa pia case, child abuse, socrates at  
judie, judeu, appears in the corrector just now


crime of torture

criminal complain to the european court on crime of torture and brief explanation in the abc process and how they use it to promote disgraces all around the world
piece of criminal accusation at the european criminal court
see video at
a new christmas time alone, question to you my love and of course due the nature of the problem, to all
at help blog, page diary 

criminal complain at european criminal court against the pr of the portuguese parliament an all authorities, here the video or in

terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

crime complain, two main videos robber rigth now at ourosobreazul

the two video appears in the uploader was they had pass alll , well, and them say that something wrong with the format, but (it) his is a layer, because the dont appear in the application that mange content

this is a propose , pr rose, attack, fucker, terrorist, jail or hell with you, !!!!

mai, say the spirit, portuguese, internal ministery, police, who are in reality as all can see bandits and terrorists 

miner correction in accusation to the pt pm

publish at the same child blog of a conspiracy crime http://2-cc.blogspot.com/view/magazine

strange and significant exchange of words, in the sentence, concerning his first public layer , as lawyers, i wonder why....

corrected version, this is the same letter send yesterday

at the post when i was sending it, an acthim come and some drops fall on the envelope, i looked it and in that moment, it came to my mind, another old envelope, that i send once to NY to monica lapa, the image in my spirit at that instant, was, he is connected with the dead of Monica, that envelope is a story board collage style corin tellado, the first soaps in paper, and head litlle rose triangles glue in the envelope

segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

prove of inside crime

spys or militars, or ven both or even third part, as many others in distint equipments

crime complain against pm of portugal

....as all know in portugal you show of face of a lawyer in the first trip that you have done to europe institutions as the administrator of tap as prove in public space of communication and the nature of this act shows well the kind of man you are, the kind of man that is not even man or a father, the kind of no man that can by this reasons carry any kind of government function

also the continuity of absence of answer to my recent register letter send to pr portuguese parliament, other then the scene show in medias, and the absence of answer to my register letter to the letter send to the justice minister, show that you all still behavior as criminals and outlaws, as the others before have done, had already prove in this way that this crime is also a state conspiracy.... 

domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2011

in this video a part to mr jerky buzek and all the european parliamentary s

this video, is a part that in it order came after the 218 M and before the 219 M, 

this video is publish at ourosobreazul, in the main sequence of this crime of world conspiracy, you can see all the others parts there

again a new terrorist attack, the same crime as usual, they erase more then two and half hours of original videos, concerning many subjects of world terrorism that is going around in this moment and others 

accusation against or in world institutions

accusation against or in world institutions, new child blog of a conspiracy crime, with the time line of this crime and labyrinth, at european criminal court, complete at this point,


criminal complain against axa, pt state and others

....as the court can confirm by all, in this last weeks, came again many subjects around france, french company’s, and connections with large killings in france, images sarkozi, angel markel, junker, berlusconi, and at the same time, it seems arise again some attack trough axa, concerning an assurance of retirement complement, by all this large picture, where also recently I remember one of the big robber of intellectual property done by a french company , jc decaux, robber that is also mirror in this illusion trough the portuguese medias, with the active participation of some ministers of the actual government, I also give to the court the account on this new crime that is going on right now....

read more at new child blog of a conspiracy crime
with the name, accusation against companys, where i publish all the constant persecutions also done bt distint companys that are run or infiltrated by the terrorists

quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

new child blog, accusation against portuguese institutions

new blog child of the main a conspiracy crime

accusation against portuguese institutions

first part of the accusation against the portuguese order of lawyers

....this facts, elements of communication, prove that at least from June of the year 2008, the portuguese order of lawyer is aware of this crime, and in the same way, the absence of any answer until know, prove also that they participate in a active way in this crime of conspiracy against a child, my son and against me...

read more at http://cc-8.blogspot.com/

prove reception complain send to pt minister of justice

the strange thing, is that in the same day of the envoy, as you can see here, i send also a formal crime complain to the pr of portuguese( from the port of guese, goa, india) parliament, both state institutions are in lisbon, but the second one, did not arrive until now
revision of the second part of this accusation on crime of torture against my son
here at this link

To the president of european parliament and to all

the president of european parliament
and to all

must I ask you
about this mysterious crimes

I still do not have a answer from you after sending to you and to all head of political families at the

european parliament

at 8 july this year

must we all understand that exist however a kind of help
taking in account
the change in Italian government
because in a way, justice done, is a facet of help

is this true concerning the continuous crime for six years against my soon and me
I cant see in that way, because justice due to him and to me is not already done

perhaps must I understand this image of a apparently or partial fall of prime minister berlusconi, very strange by one of this recent lines that was here in the news attribute to him
that the interrupter still in his hands, perhaps the one that I listen sometimes here at my home

summarizing the image of the fall
can I say what you all will understand in full context when the videos concerning also this matter will be publish

It seems that the leg of a certain pistol in the middle of two Templar columns
is a hand on the knees
that I translate in
cover or the ness, the water monster
of a certain oyster
cover of a certain Spanish lady
at least, by looking style
knees in portuguese
is joelho
first el of Ho
ho chi min
Christmas time
which points
water matters

meanwhile one more bridge has fall
the tempest was very beautiful
and the prejudice large
for many

in the supermarket
two polices
had buy
ice cream
gelado, ge lado, gel lado, first ad of the ado, art
a kind of pasta
that is an old lecture on book of life
Italian one
a black on heart big boot

it seems
the fall

if true, must I assume that for european and world wide justice, for politicians, murders, is payed with retirement with interrupters

write on 15 November 2011, I suppose that this text was disapear from my pen when I try to publish, one of the last time that I was where at the internet , it start to be a letter to european parliament, but in the middle of the writing a part of a key concerning the image junker, berlusconi, appear, then came in a certain way a mix text