terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011

new page created with the title, Documents, with documents of support or connected with facts and proves already published

I create a new page that is call, Documents, where I will publish the documents related , or supporting evidences concerning what is stated and I will try to link them to the contents that are approached in the videos

where I publish today 06 09 2011, in the Documents , page, the following documents

european court of justice

the two first letters that I send to fax to the European court of justice, both in the portuguese original version, with a link to the videos that gave the account of the following steps, the phone calls, that prove, or, that also this court is being infiltrated by the terrorists, or, that the terrorists had mounted a tremendous and complex operation trying to divert the presentation of this crime complain

link to post of the day with the title and link http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-post.html

european communities center at Lisbon

and also the copy of the letter that I delivery in hand at the reception of the tenth floor, in jean monet center, direction cabinet of the represent of european communities here at Lisbon, which also until this day had no answer, also stressing the fact, that around at the time of this contacts, as I gave the account on others videos published at www.ourosobreazul.blogspot.com, that some dead arise, namely the killing in Norwegian, in this link, http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/2011/08/internacional-terrorists-at-center-jean.html


and also publish today, the letter that I envoy to europol before as fax and after by mail, to the european police, europol, that still had no answer until now, connected with the video account of the phone call with europol at Holland and here in portugal, in this link

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