segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

prove on reverse of the accusation they had done against me concerning the tsunami 2005

As i stated from the time of 2005, the ones who are behind the major killing of the tsunami of 2005 are the same that are behind this tragedy, and this conscience arise by a simple fact, the fact that is exactly  after the day of tsunami that the plan to robber my child was putted in march

all this immense attack they lunch against me and my soon at that time, shows behind any reasonable doubt, that they also had try from that time, to make me a expiatory bode of they one crime which is a crime of genocide against humankind, and that they plan, was not only the stole my son, but also kill me and my son, and a attempt to kill me and my son

this text is a conversation with my Guardian Angel, who is remembering  the Divine support of Love, and, the love and acts of love that i have done trough all my love, all the accusations that they had done against me at that time, in this try to murder me, as disgrace of they own genocide responsibilities...

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