domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

new up dates at sea matter about eggs of water s

second part, prove in reverse concerning the accusation they had done against me about tsunami 2005 among many others, the first text, prove in reverse, part one, at the writing, appears a LAN connected with pp, the party of the cds group, now it seems be also eventually a private network, which means, with access conditioned by passwords, this line fits another recent one also approached recently, the existence of shops of masons, that act as gangs, which also means, like gangsters that commit crimes as normal they do, that mingle also secrete police, sis, and company’s, spying of private life of many individual with roles on this country...


and part three, prove in reverse 

....whoever other facts on this crime, reinforce that at least some crime exist around the birthday and the more strong one, is the criminal silence of the portuguese doctor order concerning my criminal complain, which also say that they are cover the truth and consequently they know the crimes and had participate on them,, because, sperm steeling to sell to produce baby’s, or even placenta, are acts that need doctors ,labs and special transportation, behind, and all this also give corpus to other lines that i approached in book life concerning international networks of traffic of human organs and adn...


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