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Accusation concerning the crime made trough and with the portuguese state, in the court of family and miners of lisbon

Accusation concerning the crime made trough and with the portuguese state, in the court of family and miners of lisbon, that was the step, to make official the robber of my son, that as this accusation as proved in many others different fields of this crime, is integrate part of a more and constant crime of conspiracy that many do against me and my son

this part of the accusation, is a criminal charge against the lady judge that was assigned to commit this crime, against all that in courts, as already proved in other facets, are behind namely as commanders of this criminal acts

in the last part of this process, I gave the written account, of the crimes the conspirators have done with the criminal and active participation of three psychiatric in front, and certainly at least, one more behind as planning and commander head, that behind be part of the crimes that I consider torture, abuse and slavery, also aimed as practical action, by declaring me as suffering from a mental disturbance, and my son suffering from anxiogenic as consequence of that, prepare the false arguments that allows this criminal judge to make official the robber and consequently all the other crimes, namely torture above both

today, is the day seven of April 2012, I m still sick by this last attempt of murder, the demand of medical care and political asylum, did not had any answer until now, and I m playing a kind of chess with death, as a father never abandon to defend his son, even until dead, and I m just now trying to translate to english the argumentation that I had try to present to the court of family and miners in lisbon, concerning the defense of my son

I say, tried, because as all know, my arguments whore not accept by the judge and whore dismissal from the process, a very particular legal word in portuguese, “desentranhar “, that also is used, when we say, for instance, take of from, take a part of the body, like in a certain way,is what happens to a son and a father, when by force, and crimes, are put away one from the other, because flesh is always the same, as normally we say about parental ties and blood lines.

This act that the judge performed, the non acceptance of my arguments, is a crime by itself, and by the law, reason enough to condemn her, because, this criminal act, in practical terms, had correspond to the deny of the fundamental rights of defense and claim, that are being in constant deny during all this years at all the levels and institutions that are implicate in this conspiracy crime, as proved

this crime describe in the paragraph above, is by the law, reason enough to ask a condemnation of the judge and other implies in this crime

all the process, considering here in this point, process, as all the actions, that are crimes as I proved, that the criminals have done in this time line of the conspiracy, when they had still my son, also trough the judicial branch of portuguese state, to make official this major crime in the all of the conspiracy, is full of crimes of distinct nature, even and including what law define as procedure crimes

all this in the above paragraph mentioned is proved by the account of all facts concerning this process that are available from the time they occur in my public book of life

I just summarize some of the most important, deviation of official correspondence from the court that aimed among other purposes, obstruction, that aimed the burn of legal time periods, and even almost the impeachment of presenting in the right demanded time, my defense and the defense of my son, the decision of the judge concerning the session of conciliation that whore not send to me, as I understand at the secretary court, a write requesting that I made to the court, that had no answer, the decision by the judge of dismissal of my argument from the process was not communicate or send to me, as others demands made in presence at the court had no answer, and, in a first step, only the partial access to the action present to the mother lawyer´s, and I suppose, another crime, because I only new it in all, after presenting mines, which seems a non legal procedural, because I as the defender and accused, then, to do the defense, the law must grant the full access to the knowledge of the contend of the accusation

as the European criminal court can understand by the summarize in last paragraph, this show at this point, the existence of two kinds, better writing, two fields of crimes, the ones inside the court it self and at least other, outside, that don’t dismiss the possibility that whore done in a bandit association mode, as all this crime in all, shows constantly, I m speaking about the deviation of mail correspondence from the court, that I discover was done also by the official company of mail here in portugal, the ctt. The account of what I discovered at ctt, is also available in public space, in my book of life, ourosobreazul.blogspot.com, at the time of the occurrence, including some ids of the presumed criminals

I discovered that the judge had taken the decision of non accepting of my argumentation, by chance, one time when I was presence at the court secretary, that she had take that decision, I ask to see the this particular sentence, and they give at the secretary only a handwritten sheet of the process apparently signed by the judge, with a letter that I even can not understanding
then I made at that moment a write requesting at the courts secretary to have a type copy of that dispatch, and I understand after,that the argument to the dismissal of my argumentation of defense, was, that that the judge had considered them incomprehensible

When I started this translation a few days ago, from texts, better writing parts of texts that I recover from some copy of my archives on line, because the originals have been erased by many at different points of the large time line of this still going on crime, I realize, according to an apparent printed copy that I have to the apparently present to the court, is incomplete and even seems at this point, that some paragraphs whore change is the text position.

Namely when I comment the psychiatric evaluations made on my son, they appear in two different places of the document, what seems prove that someone had been made cut and past on the original, and also when I comment the arguments present by the mother layers, many considerations concerning each one of the articles are missing

This as the court can understand by the writing of the explanation in the paragraphs above, is a very complex crime, that I will analyze in detail, further, because it explain also the complicity with the judge, by the argument that she used to refute my argumentation

this prove also more five things, that the judge act as member of a conspiracy group, wich is an aggravation on the sentence concerning her crime, and also by the way that was done, show also, another branch of the conspirators that had act at that point in this crime, to accomplish the adulteration of my arguments, and that, the adulteration of the argumentation proves also that all this judicial process was forged and mounted from the beginning, and, that exist a pre planed criminal intention from the beginning, which also is an aggravation, and the sum of the crimes, the means used, the different fields where they occur, prove again the character of this crime as a conspiracy, and due the fact that this is done with a court, again, that this conspiracy is, also, a state conspiracy

the analyze of the details of this crime of forgery and adulteration, done from the apparently copy that I have with me, with the reception stamp of the court, with date, but without number of process, which at this distance time, seems to me strange by itself, because I was at the secretary court deliver it in hand, and do not suppose if was the fact, that I do not remark that was missing information, that is the link between a document and the process by it number, as prove of the act of its reception

and this opens the possibility that the criminal after had change the original in court had also change a copy here at my home, because as the court know, they commit the crime of illegal entering my house almost every days during all this years

the analyze of the details in the copy of the argumentation that I have with me, in correlation with other facts that occur during the time of the writing of this arguments between July and April of 2006, seems also, confirm another link of this conspiracy in the court of family and miners of lisbon, the connection with the priest from the catholic church that was psychical behind the judge in the court, in the session of conciliation, or someone, that must be connected with the other that, apparently or not, posterior change my copy at home, point the priest, because I read in a apparently word error, the ary from the Jesuit, which if true, confirm that another one, from mario soares group, perhaps his lover, was used to execute this criminal act

not knowing at this point, with precision if the Jesuit that I notice in the reading of the copy of my argumentation that I have with me, is the one that was behind the judge at the session of conciliation, is a fact that anselmo borges, a priest that belong to the terrorist branch on media, and in particular in news paper DN, where pontificate mario soares, was there in the court, that as I also once explain in book of life, there is a constant process during all my life in this corrupt country, that the ones you reach to harm me, are always promote after a while, and many time after the session, we start writing weekly in this paper, once I recognized him, and also is a fact that as I prove many times, his column was always a kind of constant critic and defy to what I was also writing namely in what we can call theological fields

at the time of the conference I did not recognize his face, he has been still like a rat against the wall behind the desk where the judge sit, without ever moving, like some one who want s to pass in a discrete mode, and at that time, I take him as a secretary, but also I had remark that he did not take any note at all during the conference, was this detail on my memory, that after leads me to recognize him, when his face start appearing weekly in dn

there is also another fact around the writing of this argumentation, where as normally happens during all days during this last six years, when they now that I m working in a particular prove that can badly harm this terrorists, or they acts or strategies, normally many different attack are launch at the same time, and indeed it was once again like that at this precisely point.

Once more they have crash my computer at the moment I was writing the argumentation, monica calle let me use one from her, part also of this writing was done in another similar from her at her home, and there are two other facts that can sum or not on this crime, that now at this distance make some logical sense, which means, are plausible to show if demonstrate, that she can be also aware, or even had participate in the operative process, or worst, being obliged to do it, and this facts are also narrated on my book of life at the moment they occurred

in a summarize mode, I now stress, the clear guilty she once express to me without never explain why, asking sorry crying but without saying about what, and the fact that at more or less the moment on the time line, she says to me that she find a very large missing amount of money in her theater company, where another young lady that worked at that time with her, silvia, as also connections with the Jesuits, stooped after to work with her, and a sum that I made some months after, when I realize that she had made large works in the theater, and start thinking to my self, how it as possibly, if she had this financial problem or trap, or even trap to oblige her, as once I explain in book of life, when I recognized a pattern on similar process, like the one they had do in my company, latina europa, and also in the company of dance of clara andermmatt, and perhaps with many others, that at my eyes and knowledge translate the existence of a gang in the sector of state culture that commit this kind of crimes with of course different aims

this are logical deduction based on the direct knowledge of facts that can be or not connected, and are integrate part of this accusation at this point concerning the crimes at and around the court of family and miners of lisbon, and other branches of this conspiracy that also show them faces where, namelly the catholic church, and as the court now, all my complains in front of the body’s that must care this subject are deny, and only a independent investigation due by a independent and trustful court, can confirm this facts and links , I just state them here, because are based of facts that I lived personally at this time

another fact occur this days, here at the door of the building where I m now, at the end of the day, the military man and his wife that are also implicate in this conspiracy crime, whore enter the building, he carry in the arm, a small book, with a black cover, like the one that a present to the court with the argumentation and they let the door open when entering the building

I was smoking a cigarette outside and I saw this, with the certitude that they whore showing to me, that him was the one that let the door open to someone that perhaps had enter house at that point to change the dossier, or that we saw someone, and if even true one of this possibility’s, because as the court now, this kind of pass, half saying, representation are done in daily basis, about every thing and subject, this prove at my eyes that they now that I was working again on this document, and this says also that he had illegal access to my house, because the dossier is on my table for this days

in sum, I can state, that the terrorists behind this conspiracy crime, had again at the point of the judgment a very complex operation that involved many, that shows again the existence of a very brilliant, pervert and twist mind behind, by what show the processes it self, and that, aimed apparently, sustain the decision of the judge to have a false argument to dismiss my argumentative, and the presence of this man, the priest, implicates not only the church, but also mario soares group and others politicians

where, by this reasons on last paragraph, I stress in a general context that is also explained in detail on book of life, appears connection with spain, and a certain heat at that point concerning the question of abortion and the law that the cabinet of filipe goncales was preparing at that time, and by this facts, all explained, perhaps also international acts of terrorism by the apparent strange alliance that I notice long time ago between catholic church and the socialist party’s, trough the third international, that I hope the court will full investigate

also I stress another recent fact, that if not correlated with the time of the events concerning the court of family and miners of lisbon, is, because as the court knows, they are always trying to kill me, and at this moment again with a certain success, that this disease in my lounge, the day that I felt from a moment to the another like they whore burning inside, I cross monica calle, and my intuition says to me that perhaps her, is connected with this

I say a few paragraphs above that this criminal operation around the time line of the judgment was mounted to feed a false reason to sustain the judge decision, because as the court can appreciate by it self reading under the text that correspond to the book that is also as copy where at my home, that even true, the text was cut and adulterated and incomplete, it is not as the judge claim, incomprehensible

and being not incomprehensible, if a judge detects a lack of what I can consider internal logical narrative, by the cut and past out of order they have done to some paragraphs, he also detects the value and the logical meaning in all, and a normal illustrated person, will have a clear perception that the text was adulterated, and by this reason, the expected normal behavior, will be asking the defender, before dismissing it.

More this attention will be need, assuming that the judge was not a criminal as is in this case, by the reasons that she know, that I m not a lawyer, and that I had request before and she accept that I was going to defend by myself because this is what a citizen must expect from the justice treatment, if the law in practical terms, want to give substance to this universal principle that a being can always defend by himself

The facts and the sentence that she rule at the so call session of conciliation, shows in a clear way, that she had no interest in understand the truth, that she had act with an already criminal intention, and the fact hereby in this document accounted concerning the dispatch of the dismissal of my argumentation, prove in sum, that indeed this was a false argument where she based her decision as integrate part or the criminal strategy of this criminal association

for the above present, I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the judge maria luisa duarte and the priest anselmo borges, for acting as criminal association in the crime, of the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a full criminal investigation on facts, individuals, and group hereby quoted

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the judge president of the supreme court, noronha do nascimento, for acting and cover of this crime and acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the public general attorney, pinto monteiro, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the actual and precedent minister of justice, paula teixeira da silva, and by the rule of solidarity acting, all members of all the government during the time period of this crime, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the actual and precedent head of parliament, assunçao esteves, all the heads of parliamentary political forces, and the heads of the parliamentary commission of rights, assurances and freedom, and by the rule of solidarity acting, during the time period of this crime, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the actual and precedent head of parliament, assunçao esteves, all the heads of parliamentary political forces, and the heads of the parliamentary commission of rights, assurances and freedom, and by the rule of solidarity acting, during the time period of this crime, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the actual and precedent head of the layers and doctors orders, during the time period of this crime, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I ask the european criminal court a jail sentence for the actual and precedent president, jorge sampaio and cavaco silva, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life

I remember that according the Portuguese law, this are jail crimes

I remember to the court, that concerning all the individuals here criminal charged, with the exception of the two first names, I have already produce the prove in other parts of this accusation

under part of the argumentation that is possible at this moment, that I try to present to defend my son at the court of family and miners of lisbon at seven April 2006, in the conditions that I describe in this part of this accusation

To the 2nd judgment of the family and miners of lisbon
2 Judgment, 1st Section

Case 351 / 06.otmlsb
your s reference 1641678 of 16/03/2006

arguments of the father, paulo fernandes miguel garcia fernandes forte

to the lady judge of the second chamber of the First Chamber of Family and miners court of Lisbon

to all in Law including in Law, All Those who have positions in the Judiciary Power With Functions and Competences of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Act of Judging, and to whom performs such functions and Respective Bodies That substantiate it, including courts.

To The Attorney General of the Republic within its powers to ensure, to investigate and propose correction of All That For Human Hand counteract the Laws That Men Bring Agreed between They, As Guarantor that Days Elapse for Every Man and Every Child within the normality of Individual and Collective Rights Guaranteed For Mother Constitution and laws in her Aegis.

To All Beings Of The World
To Angels
To Archangel Michael
To God, My Mother, My Father

In Holy Spirit, So Lead me in Your Hand My judge, because this is what is here today, that I had no pretensions to judge the hearts but the acts and that I can separate as possible my view from the fact.

The Children s, the Sons, Are the Flowers of Love and They are Born From Parents and when all is well between Children and Parents, All The Garden That Is Life and Living Flourish, and Everything tends to be more Peaceful in His Expression, because Life and Love is based in simple rule, the more love and better, less conflicts to resolve.

Strange thing is, that the cases that a family court judge, agrees and regulates between the parties, are always taken by the parents.

This on the other hand say, that seem the justice mechanisms do not have direct relationship with the Children s, nor the laws, neither the structures and the practices allow them to take the initiative to ask a judgment.

Yet they have supporting phone lines, in addition to all monitoring due by several adults in various situations throughout they days in they life, where one can detect a call for help even when it is hidden and is expressed in a cry of revolt that can lead to a judgment, as judging is also give help, assist, regulate a situation that is wrong and put it by this way right, better, and when, this happens, what you did, was help.

In other words

Those who by their nature are less equipped to defend for themselves.

Those who by nature have added difficulties to understand and deal with the adult world in their ways of living and rules made by adults and by their hands offered to them, that are the majority of the ones that can cause them damage and aggressions, with much more power to do many kind of evil then a Children, that in most cases, are, are those who are closest to them.

Those who need more and bigger protections, are those that by the way men take their justice and their mechanisms, does not contemplate, they do not have the doors open as an adult, where understand as father, if we consider that to be a father is need to be first an adult.

In a way it can be said that parents do not caring well the children s, in the sense, that they do not give them the same opportunities of defense that bestow themselves, and by this reason in practical, is practiced a differently family justice, sheltered in some ways of what might be called, a more universal justice for adults.

For laws enshrine some not accountability status based on age and type of crimes.

And now, some, want to download even the slats of the age of accountability like they want their children, in smaller, more quickly become capable of adult judgments and some times being at miners institutions where many problems are detected.

Reactive measure to failures in several models of families that habit the world of men in the simultaneous failure of many other areas of living

measure that opts more for punishment than for monitoring, measure that speak and says about the loss of the value of love in relationship with another or others, the loss of a sense of solidarity among human beings, based on a blindness that will not allow recognize them as brothers and consequently as equals, with similar urges and the same common needs.

Measure that translates the little that men believe in themselves, their ability to change the general landscape of life, creating new ways of living, where they can as parents, to live more fully, light, and deep, they Love with the Children s.

A concealed speech that says, I am not able, I do not know how, I have neither the will nor the power to change things in order and according to the heart and in doing so as the ostrich under the shadow of fright and fear, I admit putting far away at the back of my heart, down there in a prison or in a obscure institution, where I only hear about them when the predictable misfortunes of disaffection, the systematic abandonment, the oppression, have operated a disgrace.

We need to extend and explain how broad is the concept of co responsibility towards the Children s, in they hear, see and observe, what only can happens when you respect them, when we give them the necessary attention to understand their behavior, not in relations with tonic of arrogance, oppression or domain, or rushed and episodic.

Education has always the extension of the entire length of the life of each one and every relationship is a continuous process of mutual learning.

The status of the father as responsible for the child, agreed to by adults, reflects the acceptance of the principle of the justified and stronger will of parents to the will of children until they reach a certain age.

The question of the will of parents and children in their relationship is cornerstone in they development as beings, they greater or less confidence that they have and carry in live, the less or grater self-esteem, the greater or lesser ware to see and understanding, to easily or not, pass from the knowledge to the know, because they are prepared for living it

And always the aim, the carpet, the driver wind of Love, if we Open them to Love or to the dungeons, the neglect, the abandonment, or if we help them to strengthen the muscles of the wings to fly better, and how to dosing with the other side of the same question, if we taught them to land safely, and give them the hand that holds them in the times that needs so.

Love is a swing between security and freedom, because if it is not true to say that the will of a child is less than or somehow inferior to another that what we consider as adult, it is true, that the adult carry the child at times he see the imminent fall and holds out his hand to keep them safe, and carrying is the stone which he place the just force of the strength of his will.

The Wings of the parents serve to protect the Wings of the Children in Protected and Open Form, Allowing that The Wings of the Children Grow Strong and Agile, Allowing Them the Beautiful, Fair, and Accurate Large Fly on the Exact Measure That Each One Here Comes To Be

Respecting the will with apparent lower ability of self-expression and achievement, is the right angle from the heart that goes tune, as respecting the will of the child, is not amputate it, at the same time that we keep them in carpeted that veil their safety, is the way of pointing to the important, the happiness and joy of life and living, that are facets of the name of the heart that is going loving life in a good mood.

Respecting the will of the child is also at times when it is needed by the dangerous blindness some times they go, being the brake, just like freedom when well taught, always take her hand side by side with her sister responsibility, that translates, humans more freer and more responsible in that major liberty, need less brakes by parents.

And as said and wrote the poet once, before, in the middle and after, underneath, above and between the will of parents and children, as they are two, is the Will of Life, and if the children in flesh and blood are children of parents who spawned them, from the Spirit and by the Spirit they whore created, and is not necessary to dive or fly too far into a metaphysical or theological way to understanding this, because never the bodies came to play or reproduce themselves without the prior intervention of the spirit that makes them unite, be a beat, or the sum of many knowings, or the precise moment that made them crossed.

And as the poet once said and wrote, before children are from parents, children and parents are children s of Life It self, that the inclination of the hands of parents as archers will be always pointed to happiness.

And the boys who grow up in happiness, surrounded by love, bloom in themselves the seed of love that all brings in His Born and when they're happy, better are prepared to live well, to be what they are in the infinite freedom that all hearts of fathers to them aim and fated in they birth.

And if it is true to say that happiness, to go happy in the arms of happiness always extends the size of the Garden, it increases when in their growth they are surround by Love, that the greatest responsibility in the use of the greater freedom, and that being more free is being more responsible in the use of the freedom, that the fields become larger, increasing the extent of the steps of the being, more as the being as to care in his walk, and for care, and to care, one must be and go in a responsible way.

And that when the Beings go happy, the happy happiness increase, the use and enjoyment of happiness in his extension became larger and consequently their living directly proportional to the increased responsibility in they exercise, less abuse tend to happen, more apt are Beings to defend their own freedom, their duties, their rights, and tomorrow morning when like this will be for each one, all the abuse and the damage that are born from them, will finish.

For those who live in the Fifth Empire, the One of the Holy Spirit, puts the Rose in the place of the Rose, and always Tradition State and put the Children as Emperor of the World and smart are the parents that go according, and in this way put themselves in relation to Children, and then intelligence bring always the Beautiful Fruits, Beautiful Offers, Fine and soft caresses and rewards.

The Children that is Eternal at Every Age of the Being, is Nominated From the Heart, Emperor of the World by His Quality of Imagination, and to be It, so that the Child may exercise It, and to Be what is He in his Deep Nature, must the Freedom in His Grow, and the exercise of his will, be supported and guaranteed by the adults, by the parents.

I remember the little schoolhouse, six, seven years might we had, led by the hand of Mistress Lucinda in a conversation about the difference in life among adults and children watching the children s for they children s eyes the adults. Said one girl, that with adults things were different because they were different and it is true that they are, added a children, that the most different was that they could do more what they wanted, that they had more freedom then children s.

In a family of three, there are three will, the one of each parents and the one of the child.

Usually are the parents, both or one, that wants to leave. Francisco was clear in his will when he realized that the family was braking apart, and stated in his own words, that he wanted to stay with both, and his will is for me a cornerstone of my action, respecting it, ensuring and guarantying that by my action in this way can happen, and that's how I acted and managed to achieve for some time.

And this is, I believe in my heart in Heart, the will of the majority of the Children in the time that family’s break apart. There will be others, that the disaffection in which their parents bring them, if given the opportunity, if we gave them the opportunity to express it and then give them our helping hand, would prefer to live without them at times, but this is not and never will be the Aim of Love and Heart from where He Comes.

Children are also part of the parents and in the same way parents are part of children because ones come from the others, and follow each other in love, they participate in each one, they share themselves in they common steps when together, and when separated, became incomplete, and if Love for nature is the One who Joints, the Joint and what is Jointed, should not the laws of man open the door to the contrary way and do more damage to the parts who already suffer damage when the Heart of a Family Break.

When a family breaks up, breaks the multiple, the multiple heart, which is the Organ that connects and bring together all the Beings by invisible wire of weave of Love and the Spirit that leads It.

The little big Heart of the three, which is the family that participates and is participated by the Great Heart of the World, God, the Light, the Holy Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Care, Caring and Tenderness.

The small part of the heart which dwells in each of the parts, in each beings, and so on three they break, separate and became away three pieces of the heart, one in each one, that separate or is removed from the other. Three stay and go in the days incomplete, even when an adult, who on leaving, break the family, is convinced that the disaffection was more than love, because what ends are the relationship when the persons who participates in them finish and not the Love that is, Eternal.

And all beings are free to have the relationships they want, to start them, to be there or go, and no one should prevent this from happening, though many relationships end up for the ineptitude of the lovers in carrying the beautiful garden, by the way they grow with wishes and wills that came differentiate in time, by the huge interactions from what is more external to them, so to speak, as may be external to them the forms and templates that we take the all living, all-include , nothing outside, as always presents life itself.

And even apart, bleeding incomplete each part without the other, never really they move away because the ties of blood and Spirit Are Forever As the Eternal Is and Once crossed, seed and flower, forever in this way go. Blood is a line in the Eternal and substantiate each time that occurs the miracle of the creation of a new Being. In a certain way, is true to say, that blood is a port and home of the Eternal, as one can say that the Eternal has doors, better will be to say, an entrance, an atrium.

And all adult lovers, then, complete and self-sufficient are parents even when they still or will not have children of their own blood, because all are multiples of the One and His Sons, and being like this, also they are Parents of All Children, because as the Image and Likeness of the One multiple, they are multiple, each of us is.

And human laws should reflect this view that all the free adults are parents and every man should weigh in their heart, discovering and knowing to see the size of the father, of what is to be father, in his heart, and in function of this view, guide his actions in the days, and be all fathers of all that we all care, when caring is need.

And being this in part the nature of the damage that is present on what is urgent need to regulate in instances in which it manifests itself, in the understanding of the adults parts in the depart, or in court.

And the nature of the damage extends over large black beach where damage is expressed in its many variants, bringing the men agreed in their view, which are divided between those directed to the physical body and to the spirit, or both, which are One, therefore one did not exist without the other in this manner, that is the way that we are where.

It will be understood that the main aim of the agreements of life and time of life between parents and children are in principle and as desired target, equitable between the parties, without understanding equitable in a narrow sense by excess of accuracy, limited or limiting or manichean, or worse, blind and blinding, as is show and hidden in the solution proposed by the part that placed the action with the illuminating title, against.

Always being Love,with, The One That Goes.

It would be well to understand, since all that is separated aims the reunion, and love that in part is healing arise in the days, in the presence, in the time of the presence of parents, and children and parents are loved in body and spirit until the end of the body of the father and son.

need the children according to their age more one parent than another?

Gave the law of men in a recent yesterday, a timid step towards equal rights of parents following the birth,when consecrated to father, also the possibility to have what is usually called, maternity leave.

And should have all the mothers whose breast has natural milk, that they can have all the time to breastfeed their babies in all they wander and mutual delight. And should have all the fathers and mothers all the time to delight with them, to take them in the lap, to walk them outdoors showing them the world they go, to make and bring them sleepy very closed in a lot of warm hugs and living this superior delighting, to have them in the nest of chest, they faces turn to the side where you walk the walk, to do them, glus, glus, dás, dás, in the fair measure of baby’s that create beautiful smiles and dimples, having all the time in the world to discover the boundless love without limit that radiates on those little faces and bodies with arms outstretched to jump to the lap of love.

Oh Divine God that offer us so beautiful Images of Love, I praise Your Intelligence and Your Understanding, in the way that You Show us the infinite Radiant Love That Radiate, in the Faces of the Little’s Ones.

And it is certain that today, mothers have no more time then fathers in their lives for little ones and that little ones from little live in schedules of adults, some, six, seven o'clock in the morning jump to the stools of cars that lead parents to their jobs and they to their nurseries. A half dozen kilometers from Lisbon taxis carry every day the children when their parents move in opposite directions, twenty euros per day, round trip.

And sure is, and increasingly will be, that differences in the gain and in the gain between women and men will became lesser tomorrow when the opportunity for access to all, will be identically proportioned, and performance evaluation will be done for reasons others, than the differentiation of gender or sexual practices or the type of joint.

And it is certain that regardless of being a mother or father, unless breastfeeding, each one of them is able to perform all functions and tasks that a baby needs in his care, like many others in the family are, like uncles and grandparents.

Should laws understand that this equality by nature sustained in this differentiation and knowing that the child wants and needs both parents, that each parent wants to keep up with his child and that the child s are happy, grow happy and become happy adults when they have both, because they need both equally in they grow and learning, and that in the unfortunate circumstance that they could not enjoy them at the same time, that we ensure to them that they can, separately and alternated

And this do not deny or state otherwise that a children can grow up happy with a single parent, when only have one, be it blood or not, because it is love that gives and carries the mortar of happy children and adults.

Laws should understand that the difference, is establish in will and in the act of will, and love and reason that leads the will, or the lack of it thereof in loveless, even if performed by both, children and parents, is in they growing, responsibility of parents.

The ones that by the way we see and take these matters, less practical possibilities have to access and demand justice when they think they need.

Or some still think that the judgment of a child, though different, is not valid, is not as valid as an adult, and should not always be worthy of equal respect and dignity in the treatment and treat.

And parents are not only natural parents in blood, as are, those who live with them on regular basis , or even irregularly, in the measure that to be a father extend and extends by his intimate nature and purpose, to all the children s that we daily live.

And never let one parent to be a parent to a child, whether or not his blood, being near or far and the same is true for its inverse.

And each one must think very well thought if it is not true, that when a parent acts to put apart the son from other, is hurting his own son and this is an unloving act, that injures, not of love that care, and arrange and aims happiness, because it removes, instead of giving, the necessary space for the other two parts to meet and live and can heal and live in full they love.

And do not forgetting that before this is always and always will be the family, in the form that is presents itself as a family, because family in one of the faces of being, wich mean, the ones that share the days, that go together, that share the same food and the same roof, and a common walk.

And that, the justice of men should not enter the private sphere of families as if the houses had no doors, aiming to arrive tomorrow, to the day they do not need them, but until it dawns, we must adjust the right diopter to see well, that while necessary, we do well, preserving especially those parts that are damaged more easily, the children s, of more suffer by that do.

And that, the Justice and its mechanisms and access to it, be guaranteed to everyone including children s, and that men should by thought and action discover and provide this path without taking the road of a state that lives in families, because is more the contrary that happen, from Beings and families emerges the idea of state, part unsubstantial and part substance.

And it will not difficult to imagine an educational project that make justice to is name, an education for citizenship, to the rights, duties, responsibility, freedoms, education in treatment, in love respect, that children s while children s learn these ideas from the world of adults.

And for that, that is advise think to include a chapter on the basic laws and more than that, about the foundations of legal thinking, of seeing, evaluate, and judging, because then at least we put in the hands of all, the access to the mechanism of thinking laws, and thus, ensure good faith in demanding that we do to citizens to fully respect the law, and that their lack of knowledge, is not a reason to disrespect it, and that therefore do not free them of responsibility in an evil act.

For if the principle is just in its concept and overall general application, is no longer, if compel the citizen to the specific knowledge of the articulate of a specific law, and the first paragraph of article 1911 of the Civil Code was invoked in argument and accepted by Your Honor.

For I had call and declared and was accepted by Your Honor that I reserved the capacity according to what the law gives to me, to defend myself.

And if not aware of the specificity of a number of art.1911 and having questioned it, calling your attention to this fact and not having received reply or explanation, I was about this subject of your decision prevented to understand the justice, merits and fairness of its application to this situation.

That is, the law seems to give citizens the option to defend for themselves but forgot in this case the representative and executor to give the hand and the time required for teaching him, that he might understand it and argue the case against if he thought necessary.

In practical terms, was in the circumstances described, the citizen unable to defend himself on a matter that was used as a decision stone in the stair of the conclusion.

Beyond the disrespect that in my view is to ask a question and get no answer, and I always treated you, Your Honor, in all respect and normal tone of voice.

And if the citizen to whom the law gives the right to defend itself, can not defend himself in practical terms, is this not reason enough, this wound, to revert what you have established?

I still do not know the specific wording of the first paragraph of Article 1911, nor I want to do, because it seems to me common sense be the courts of law to explain it to the citizens respecting in reality by this way the rights guaranteed by the constitution and other laws of the republic.

But I remember the steps and contacts with the state since Francisco was born, the given and collected information’s, first at the hospital where he was born and then in the civil registry office and in any of these places I was ever informed of the need to make a statement stating that the custody was jointed.

And being the reality as it follows the argument from the part against, by relation between Article 1, where it is said that the mother and father lived in, a de fact union, from 1997 to 2005 and the Article 2, which says that a son was born from this union in February 18, 2000, and thus proved that, a fact union, is a face of a family that lives together and somehow have a shared custody, the custody by reason of the nature of the guard, was owned and was practiced by two, because, joint, is when the conjunct is done and set.

And I can not discover that other reason or assumption can anchor a contrary conclusion, that is accepted and it was assumed that the guard had been assigned only to the mother.

By deduction based on the known of general thinking of men, I can imagine that this article, whatever its wording and context, is one of those used to have a stone settling on a matter before the true and correct terms are appreciate with prove to be produced, ie, a kind of splint, and then if so, why the splint does not work both ways, because it is presumed, and in what basis is presumed, that by default, custody is assigned to the mother, because if the legal tough is founded in this way, it will be a priory, a discrimination between the rights of parents.

About the sentence that came out of the conciliation session.

If I understand well from your sentence that becomes letter of law for the parents until the trial that may occur in six months.

The parental guard belongs to mother

Both parents must agree when the child is with the father, but always the decision is in the power of the mother and the child can not sleep in his father's house.

The father shall pay to the mother with effect from the beginning of April a pension fixed at one hundred and fifty euros per month

This decision process was developed in the following questions and answers

What I meant and I intend to.

The custody of the child, subject to review in five years, because I believe and I aim it for its nature, together.

An agreement with the fair division of time between the three, like was practice after the parents' separation and after by the mother interrupted.

That, with the exception of expenditure on health and education, each part bear is owns without exchange of cash between the parts.

About the questioned and by the parts talking in the session.

What parents did in life.

For my part, I answer, or tried to answer, because Your Honor led the dialog without giving me the opportunity to extend my answer in the intention and fulfillment that I wanted to give you, because I feel it as necessary for your judgment not became anchor in the surface layer of the facts, as I believe that after this presentation, you will understand that much of this complexity, is not coming from me, but consequence of the relationship with the state and therefore it is also a matter of judgment.

I told you that I had a company and who was disabled because I was standing with my professional activity. Then you asked how much I had as monthly income, to which I replied that I had no income now, that I was living from past earnings. You asked me how much was the monthly income and I did not know to answer you on this subject, and the inquiry finish in this point.

I also told you and you have heard that I have a house to live with a room for Francisco where he lived in part during 2005, that I have money to take care him, that he did not got hungry or deprived living with me and I add to make it clear, that I do the laundry, the dishes, and clean the house.

Why did I not know the answer to how much money per month disposal? Because I did not account on monthly basis, neither I planning my spending on a monthly basis, in addition to the normal fixed costs.

Your Honor, I made a promise to God to spend my money accumulated until the end of it, in His Serving and as this I am doing and in that time I have essentially written and published without benefit of that activity so far any kind of income.

And Your Honor, in this promise, I put my whole heart, in its naked truth in His Hands, like this the heart forces me to be and in this intention are going my steps.

And I am not a indigent, or have I lack of capacity to work and very early in my life I started work and assure my own independence, it was a need that I felt long time ago when I was young, for the first paying job I had, I had fifteen years and I just turned 46 years.

And during all this time, many things I have done and proved that could live by my own income, created by my ideas and their embodiments. I am a man with knowledge and skills in various areas of work and practical experience in many areas

I founded the oldest independent television producer in Portugal, who made the most acclaimed series, which marked the emergence of new languages, new content and new peoples on this media. Several times I was awarded both in Portugal and abroad for work I have done or produced. I played roles from manager to sweeping, and I was gardener, babysitter, car mechanic and I know in part to build houses.

And I have two complete arms, a beating heart and a head to think and I do not believe that any law of man can force me to have to have income to demonstrate my solvency in financial matters, as in the same way the law does not distinguish parents by their economic conditions, if guaranteed the level to provide those who is in charge.

And being not the life for many men linear in aspects of income and each time less if we understand the present trends in the world, how then the court will assess this issue, what period of time will be take into account?

All the time of working and income, or the income declarations of the last years, where almost I had no incomes

and in function of this difference, it will be different the conclusion? Is more fair looking the last years or the man in his all

the actual situation is this one

the company that I m a founder partner and manager is without activity, consequently without producing and generate income

I did not deliver my last personal declaration of income, because I do not accept that the portuguese state oblige me to lie, and this, I told the state in write in the place of the occurrence where this question arise, and until now I did not had any answer

when the company once more was without work, in the reduction plan of costs that I as manager implemented, was also the suspension of my own salary

according to what the state inform me at that point, the question reduce it self to this axiomatic statement, if I had not other kind of incomes, I must always have one, and that the law oblige that is taken in account for calculation of the security welfare contributions, and consequently in the income, a minimum national salary.

And in the period above described, is the first consideration unacceptable, because it hurt the liberty’s and individual assurances, translate an injustice and must be corrected, because state the following

that the state oblige the citizen to have always a income

that the state overlap the competences that are regulate by the laws concerning the capacity of management that are attribute to the ones that carry function of management in company’s

that the state oblige a citizen to assume that he had income when in reality he did not, to lie in his declarations, what have also as result that the calculations of contributions are fake in accordance to the reality of facts

and tax, when this is the case, which is not mine in this circumstance, an income that not exist, configure a robber, because tax are applied to real incomes

this demonstrate that the state in his pretense omnipotence of action under the law, oblige the contributor citizen to eventually non due payments

and all this include, is at least, bad faith, and to this, I also sum recent public declarations done by ministers of state among many others with knowledge on this matters, that no one can assure that when the time to enjoy the contract between the citizen and the state, that will exist money to fulfill it, and laws regulate contracts and contracts regulate mutual obligations, and when is a representative of the state that say this, two things must be done, first pray the truth that is always better then lie and ignorance, and in second, this give to the citizen the right of asking about the validity of fulfillment by his side and even if its not more safe and proper to refute it, put a end to it

teach and invite the state to perjury, as this situation unfolded in this way by it self. Concerning the company declarations, because the law oblige two signatures, the one from the partner and the other from the account, by this reason, by the fact that are two, I can not impose the truth of facts and the state won at that time
but when arrive to my personal declarations of incomes, the case change, because I m the unique responsible by its signature and I will not go declare what I did not received, and this attitude did not make impossible any collect, neither I became in debt of any amount, because I only had one income as independent worker, in a value, much inferior to the minimum amount subject to collect that law determine

by other side, when the occurrence take place at the security welfare, I discover and let a written report demanding explanations, until this moment not answer, concerning the nature of some events on the information system with data of the company that I represent, that by it configuration, show that someone had act on bad faith, like a stick of wood in the mechanism, that is made on purpose to make things going slower, or even stop for someones, or the process that is change in the vertical of the pile by different gifts

and had present reality of facts like that, because came to this court the investigation of my income situation, justice to me only be done, if this matters are also investigate in the directions that are again here related, and if this done, indeed the justice assure me, that I can defend myself and that the ones who dedicated themselves to attack me will be stooped in they actions, and seeing this in all, for less, will be always hurting a prior my rights

and all this reality’s, are dominant accents of all that I can observe during the large period of time of my relation with portuguese state, that all this conditioned in large the income matters, the will to create income, believing that is possible to do so, and knowing that only can be possible if many of the axioms, laws and practices, change, because in this ways, as many in crescendo are saying each day more, with a growing corruption everywhere installed in this thirty years of democracy, if hurt, one, all hurts, all Peoples, two hundred thousands in poverty today in Portugal because we do not feed them

and I see in this moments of my argumentation your face, and in her I read, the perplexity in front at this immense net that I bring to you, by the reason that ours steps cross. And I now as you lady judge, that many of this matters do not have place of investigation in this family court, but they do not became lesser, matters of the man family’s and they matters, and good, will be to have a system where the justice and its matters, at the time that they occur, can be analyze and regulate in all the needed extension some times in different fields

and I see also tending for the side that more financial stability can provide to the child, that you in this seeing, see the mother that is communication director of a public institute with all the benefits that came with the role, all the months the salary plus two months more then the year have, discounts on order, so much easier to the boss and to the one who his employee for another, assure reform?

I m a man that believe that can live from is own work, that sees work as a vocation, and being like this, I m from the ones that in face of the income take sometimes more risks, and that also by this reason, sometimes find themselves in more delicate situations, but the law does not, and must not do, any kind of differentiation concerning the incomes of the parents

in the last year I was invited to do three video works and until now I just received one, and it seems that I can not receive another one, because the one that must pay it, claims do not have the money and I will not get a pistol or put an action on court that will take how many years to solve? how much time and energy spend in this?

and in this areas of so call, creation, how many times during decades, are the owns in they multiple facets also as entrepreneurs, that need to support the state it self, putting many time money ahead and by this kind of reasons, becoming for large period of time that always is larger that the ones that are regulate by the contracts, with the rope on the neck, without margin to live, and sometime even strangulate in life

have I the happiness of being support all my life for my parents and also in this moment, and if this help is given to my child, must I not count on them?

there will be any law that impeach to receive them?

this came in the table by one of your questions, if Francisco was in a particular college, that is the case at moment, and who paid it, and the answer was that half pays mother of Francisco and the other half, my mother

and always was offer to me and still is open, the possibility of shelter to my and to my son, if needed, by my parents

they whore also introduce in the session, the following facts by declarations, questions and answers

the mothers lawyer had declare that the situation was serious, that the father as a bipolar disturbance, without any more questioning on this matter by the lady judge

and shall we take note that, in the argumentation of the action delivery by the legal representative of the mother, does not exist this affirmation, or other in a direct mode concerning the mental state of the father, even considering that descriptions such as the one contained in the thirteenth considering that where I reproduce in full, in a subtly way try to characterize the parent as having one

13 - (Yet the Father, in his way of being deeply disturbed has done in front of the child, at the home of the applicant on 28 December last, a scene highly aggressive and pernicious for him)

I will go on comment in right place, the infamous lies that always surrounded the mother's action in this process.

also stated the lawyer of the applicant, that the child had been subject to a psychiatrist evaluation, who said it was best for the child to be on mother's custody.

Since these two arguments are matters that the mandatory of the author action against the father, alleges in his arguments, and therefore they must be and will be considered on trial, not in conciliation session.

And it was governed by decision of Judge Lady the payment of the pension according to the claim of the applicant.

analyzing the request, the only aspects of the claim of the applicant that were not attended in his favor, in this reconciliation session, was the detailed regulation of the visitation regime.

Since the mother against the father and as applicant intends in her action the regulation in her favor of the following:

Granting of parental power to mother, who, in consequence, Francisco will be delivered and whit whom he will reside, in the exact words of the claim made in paragraph 24.

and food pension.

And so, by this way, its prove behind any reasonable doubt, that two thirds of which would be appreciate and rule in the future trial, has already been judged, under a parental conference, which should examine the possibility of a reconciliation agreement between the parts or in its failing, the traffic for trial.

a first question I leave to justice, is this not, sufficient reason for immediate refute the decision?

If a summary trial was already done in about twenty minutes, that decided by the arguments presented by the applicant, without having produced any evidence of the facts presented, that whore taken as they were stones that supported the decision of Judge

And why were taken into account as truth these facts and not the ones present by the father, that so little and so quickly in my view, you decided to investigate?

May God guide me the feather in the heart for not slide to judge the hearts of men, which is not of human competence and most often goes unknown, and only to the facts and truth in the way I saw, knowing that the facts are people and their interactions and the behavior of the parties mutually influence and change in that interact, and thanks to quantum physics we know today that there are no pure phenomena, distant from one look and that look is already a interaction with them, that modify them and is modified.

And Your Honor, what I began by trying to explain, it was, that I considered that my son had been removed by force from me and me from him, and this in my view is very close to the idea of kidnapping, and I also saw in your face, as you have rapidly devalued this idea, which is however an unfortunate image that applies to the reality in many of its aspects, as an abduction is an act always thought to detail, that requires coordination and availability of means and implies time and effort in planning and execute.

What the lawyer said there without any kind of demonstration or proof, was pure defamation, because it is slander to said of someone, without even knowing him, that he is dangerous, that the case is serious, because you have a bipolar disorder.

And becomes more serious this statement if made on the place and in the circumstances where it was.

And in my judgment more serious was the fact that you as judge, did not put a immediate and clear break in face of this statement

The case is the following:

at the day one of January in the house that we three lived, at lunch time, with the family, grandparents included for the first lunch of the new year, I realize that the woman I love had already a love relation going on.

I went out of the house at that precise moment and I walk during all the day. Already night I received two phone calls from two commons friends that said to me more or less the same thing, that teresa phone them and had explained to them, that I had live house and that I wont to run away with Francisco, and at that moment, knowing that I never had this intention, I start realizing at that moment, that a complex story was unfolding, that also prove to me, that a certain degree of previous planning was already present

in my conscience, all sum and subtracted, the account is very simple. Teresa, the mother, the applicant, intended to finish the relation that she had with me, and take away by any means and any cost the son with her, what she expressed that night was correctly, but the perpetrator is change

the acts of the mother during all this process creates deeply damage to the sun and the son must be protected and cure of this damage, because his innocence was hurt as was his confidence in his father

the acts of the mother also cause damages to the father.

What emerge from the consequences of her acting, is in my point of vue, very closed to the dominant neurotic pattern that exist in her family branch, that came from last generation and by the reason that still unsolved, by the mother, can be extend to the son, if this square had not his natural compensation, that allows the balance of the son.

And the proved result is not the best. Teresa brother is diagnostic as schizophrenic, is a grow up adult, reform by incapacity, that lives at mother s house, and have is psique regulated in constant by drugs.

Me, father of Francisco, act in his protection and good care and I wont that the court assure him the right to be son, to have the right to have a father and the right to be with him, and that the court assure the right of the father to be father

Me, father of Francisco, believe that children s must live with mothers and fathers, with both, even when only can be with one at time, and that no father that act on love, will pretend to put away the son from the other parent, and the ones that try to do in this way, in this away express is unloved, and, that unloved is not good for no one, even less to the sons.

In practical terms after the separation, and against what is claimed in the argument of the applicant part, the family was organize it self in days, in two houses, with an agreement that contemplate alternated weeks, first with a night change, and then with two, inter between each week

and in this way, was all the school year, having the father take and bring him from school in his period with the son, and this agreement was beneficial to Francisco, that after separation had some aggressive episodes that after whore normalized

that in the day 25 of December, the mother that always had intend and still intend to change the truth jeopardizing what as agree and impose her intention of staying with the son only for her, she did not let him return to the father and she put in march the action against the father, with the false claims that she had always used, that father is not open to dialogue, that is a consequence of his bad character and his mental disturbances

can not even the father talk with the mother, within her constant behavior, of, I want, I can, I do, with her only will, in a systematic mode inverting the agree, adulterating the reality of the facts and others soft acts, to soft state it

and if as above demonstrate, the considered of the action due not formulate in a indubitable form the so call claim of a bipolar disturbance in the father, they insinuated it, and they have said it in the conciliation session

and lady judge, what I told to you in this form of statement can seems again extend on it extension, but once again life like this as present it self, and by this, I ask you, one of the virtues of the justice, that is the patience and the attention, that every fact can be explain and well understood

extracts of a text publish in internet that became integrate part of this argumentation

And in appearance, all this is combined in order to demonstrate in front of the eyes of others, that I am at least unbalanced, and by this way taking my credibility away.

And in December I saw what I never thought to see, and I realized that from that moment, the matter went up in level and tone.

An expression of him looking at me, told me, that part of his innocence had been broken and had been broken the trust and the positive image of the father, this by itself, gentlemen s, is in my opinion, one of the worst things that someone can do against a son.

his innocence must be his innocence, no one has the right to break it, and no one has the right to break trough induction the trust between a son and a father

On other hand, the consequences of this acts towards children, often mark them for long periods of their lives.

My son never open the Christmas presents and since that day I have not seen. I spoke with him on the phone a few days ago.

I saw him most recently anytime soon.

When I realized what his face expressed, without nothing strange had occur in the last time we had been together, I understand that the game was profoundly affect him, and so I decided that was more proper to safeguarding him, to keep some distance, and i decided to resolve the matter through other channels.

I explained this to him and told him whenever he wanted to talk to me, that nobody could stop, and that if he want, that he ask to mark a grow up to phone me

After Christmas I received from his mother an e-mail saying that she had taken him to a psychologist, and that she had been very surprised as non expert, when she realize the extension of his unbalanced state in the opinion of a expert, and together, a letter from a lawyer with a proposal, that custody was awarded to the mother and proposing to reduce the relationship between son and father to an unacceptable alternate week-ends and a few more crumbs.

I just now know the third psychologist who appears in this process, which began as an attempt to label me with a bipolar disorder and now has came to the evaluation on my son without my knowledge or prior consent.

And this consideration in my view, is reason enough to hunt his license activity, because a recognized doctor when making an assessment of this nature, can not do so without first knowing the will of both parents, because just one, can not exercise this right.
Do you know why?

When i told what had happened to someone, quickly he answer me, do not worry, now you require another assessment that oppose the first one, and at that moment, I realize the classic movie, about how some parents make war against each other, when they want to limit the rights of children and themselves.

It seems absurd, but it happens many time like that, and the children are subject to a kind of ping pong, carry by the hands of mothers and fathers, as often in war the parents do to them.

This is not a clinical urgent intervention that by this condition allows sometime in certain conditions, that is not obtained both prior parental consent.

For it is a fact, that at the date of this clinical evaluation, was implemented an agreement to share custody and a practical share guardianship time between family members.

That's what I first ask the psychologist.

How she dare to act in this way, without first knowing the will of the father, what power she granted to her self, based on what, in order to override the will and responsibility of a father, on a matter of this kind?

What law of man may exist that allows a doctor to overlap in will and action a father, how in this way, can be protect those who are less prepared, and whose voices are not usually taken into account in these situations, and that are always the most important to protect, the children s, the sons.

Look madam, that, to me, is motif and reason to present a complain at doctors order, and hunting your clinical license

you are disrespect me ...

I'm not, my lady, do not confuse lack of respect with the freedom to say clearly what I think in a normal way, as I m doing now.

do not paint again this trait in my character.

Always the same brush, so many the ones that try to paint me in this way.

Many seems to have much interest in building this lie that I m a vicious and irascible been

And the lie started appear again.

When I asked how and by whom Teresa had gotten in touch with that doctor, she replay that she had been recommended by a friend.

And the psychologist saying, that she had been suggested by a lawyer.

ah, and did she bring you many clients, your s lawyer friend?

no, I just work with her once and....

What I also wanted to tell apart these words was asking you to send me preferably by email, copy of assessment report made on my son.

I can not, I have to make a copy

at hand?

No, but I have to make a copy, they are already two, and I only deliver to you in hand, stop after at my office,... do you know, I want to explain them, decoding the language for a non expert.

And there I was again to get them, to listen again from her with a smile of derision on her face, from someone who thinks she can do and say anything and seems to have a king in the belly, that I was an absent father.

The usual, someone who just know me and already have in his pocket, a trial.

Then I bring the reports to read them, and a part of me, don’t even want to see them.

I start reading one, and I get a indisposition, because it confirms what a son and a mother whom I gladly, told me one day at the end of the school, when his son, who is a friend of mine had commented, that my son, missed that day the school, and I did not had any information of this fact that occurred in a mother's day,

I start to be intrigued with the intuition leaping to tell me, what is happening here?

… a yellow light and alarm horns.

Days that were not mine to get and take him during the week.

When I finally speak with someone in school who could enlighten me and confirm, they told me, no, in a tone that was to much quickly that did not convince my intuition.

The first report refers four evaluation dates, four consultancies, that were made without my knowledge or consent and against my will

And so, apparently is confirm that the college, moderno, itself somehow cover it from the knowledge of the father, because is obvious, since it was the mother that take the initiative to carry the child to such consultancies, that happened on days when the son was with her.

And I remember, that after, I also discover that teresa was attending an apparent meting, between her and the educator at school, on which I was not previous informed inform, even after asking for the second time the school, that they start also sending to my address all the communications concerning the child’s and the school events

until this day I never received any in the mail or by phone, to warn.

This reports are in my analysis, a chained of descriptions, conclusions that are not demonstrated, and twist things in order to be awarded the mother custody and in consequence, further apart the father and the son

The reports in my view, clearly by themselves, prove they own iniquity.

Then I think, that the action of this lady, do not just affect me or my only son.

That others exist before and others are likely to exist, which will undergo on her analysis.

And by this way, one side forge a handgun against the other two that make the family, because when one act in this manner, necessarily make war on two others, one parent and a child.

So, I think her action should be stopped.

How, and what is the right measure?

I Can formalize a complaint against this lady, in the doctor s order, asking them to take measures.

I can demand the doctors order and they code of ethics, the change in the form, necessary and sufficient to prevent that any of these situations can not be repeated, that their members comply with minimum standards that ensure a basic healthy coexistence between all those that undergo in a therapeutic process, and that, the doors close over these behaviors.

I can demand the doctors order to propose changing the laws if necessary, so these natural principles of relationship can be poured on them, or I can ask the government, or the parliament, or gathering, i think, the seven thousand and five hundred signatures in order to exist a direct legislative initiative by the citizens, even knowing that, direct legislative initiative is a relative concept, because they do not have until now priority in the parliament agenda, as they should have, and that at end, are always and only the parliamentary s that vote them.

What is the proper measure to a damage of this nature that very likely had spread to many others?

How many times can a little stick be the little drop of water in a war between parents, that sometimes ends in death of the whole family, children included, as happened recently.

Someone must have the competence to evaluate and more, the courage to correct, following those who had wrong, not at a desk in a dry communication or by a information paper, or should the Lady for this, if wrong, go hungry, because she can no longer exercise?

And if she continue to exercise, at least for some time, that she can not exercise with children, in this way we protect them.

thinking all this comes and goes with psychiatrists, I realize how history seems to have closed the circle, trying to label me with a bipolar disorder, until claim that my son become more stable with less time with his father.

And rises to my memory a view echoed by some women when we talk about these issues, how many tell me, that having two homes is not good for the child, when I tell then that the child should have equal time with each parent, because the child no longer is able to have them full-time, and that each parent has equal rights and duties and pleasures, and that, the house and the precise formulation of having two houses, shows behind that statement, that in this appearance hides others desires and others wills.

Why having two houses can hurt the child, if both have the minimum conditions for him to live in comfort, if both parents give them love, affection, comfort, support, food, and good treatment?

The house that we are talking about is not so much the physical house, and what is curious, is that in this common formulation, a statement hidden and more deeper abide, the mother's claim that the children should be first on his wing.

The children do not have concept of closed houses, they have about they homes, but the houses are all alike to them, so when they pass on the street where they friend lives, even without knowing precisely the door or the floor number, they tell the parents, shall we go the my friends house, in this way they swarming they affections, they companies, they play

The children are neither only from mothers or only from fathers, they are from both, as they are before and always, children of life, the life that creates the parents and the children

There is no reason that sustain, if both parents can provide to the children, that they can be removed from one or another in detriment always of two.

And in most cases the children prefer to live with both, as my son said to the father and to the mother, when he realize that we were going to be apart as family.

In recent days, I had for the first time a short time with Francisco.

And the little I saw, was his troubled heart, that was already not clear his relationship, his will, his desire, his knowledge, the child was hiding, so it was taken by those who usually takes the children to it, the adults.

My God, they do not see in they faces the effort to hide, how this put them internal stress, as by this way, they divide they heart with the false reason, that the ones that act in this way, teach them, put in their little hands this method of living, this strange sense that is seen writhing in pain on their faces

They seem blind and yet they are not because they bring eyes in the face.

In what way acts a father, when faced, that are areas of conversation in which the children does not feel at ease and twists around.

He do not insist, not press, remains what it always does, gives him confidence, loving him, makes him feel love in relation to the father and so things tend to go well, when they live together for some time, and learn and educate is a project for life while it lasts.

Three psychiatrists, two linked by a professional relationship, that I think be the guide and the one who is been guided, and the third, that come trough the lawyer

I look at them, so many suddenly on a man's life, such as orbiting satellites.

Nothing I do remember to have with them, neither they seem to be dangerous spiders, like the ones that have deadly poisons, they seem more pieces of one level with another high level upper.

Another one above, that coordinate the action to the desire result.

I remember the psychiatrists that I cross my self in life, to see if there is any sign of enmity.

The first, Luís Gamito trough RTP, portuguese public television, some talks in Latina Europa, my tv production company, with the team of a program, Contact Lenses, where sometimes our views differed, and how I felt that the man was not a great genius, and I always felt strange, the way his career has always been in full swing, with is politics connections, better to say, they subservience, because that is in most cases the trade.

This, he and those who live closely with him, will know.

It is not an accusation, it is my view.

Perhaps some misunderstanding that stay all this years ?

Nothing extraordinary in our country over this generation we grew up. So many appointments and promotions not by merit but by political ties.

After at my studio, a brief passage at the launch of one of his books, Daniel Sampaio, that sometimes I see at school that my son attends.

I remember the view I formed when I read his earlier books, when compared with what I was doing on television series for youth, and the difference seemed to me not much, maybe his approach weaker in correlations, oppositions and proposals for synthesis, that his books lived above all from collages, how whore modest his view and in pointing of the paths.

It is in fact what I think this man every time I see him always in his absurd calm, so constant that seems provoked, half-closed eyes, always slow in his walk, a man of tepid temperature, wich I do not like in a man, but nothing of this viewing that is mine, prevents him to be was it his, that he walk happy or unhappy or even not either, to do what he want, and likewise I have the freedom to express how I see who lives next to me.

Later he appeared on a television show, next to two young who began their labors in the media in my company Latina Europa, Luis Osório and Ana Drago.

in the north of the country, I know two other in a lightly way, Gabriela Moita and Julio Machado Vaz who have welcomed me into them house once in Porto.

Gabriela with whom I once participate in a colloquium on sexuality around the movie, sex lies and videotapes.

Who is the leading psychiatrist in this crime?

What are his motivations?

A revenge of personal nature, a political favor.

I am inclined to the second, since I do not t detect in memory, what might be a cause of the first possibility.

And it is clear to me, that this action against me has several components and runs in the fields where I have driven more predominantly all my life.

Communication and artistic creation, most recently by my writings and the universe of correlations, namelly with politics, that everything in a certain form and in a certain measure always is.

i will go to each one of this fields.

If I think on the writings that I have been written, if I think that many of them call into question much of the apparently agreed as seen by a majority and that they open new doors and new windows, then yes, I see reasons that will lead those who are in times like dogs guard of mental sanity, or mental and behavioral control, at my shins, which is where the blind think the ideas live and consequently the Spirit dwells.

Fools, blinds and unhappy s, thinking they can stop or trap what you can never trap, which has always the perch that He wants, when peoples know how to Listening His Sing

I see my notes at the time they pretend to declare a bi polar disorder in me in early 2005.

... In the first psi, teresa maia, I gave her an account of what was troubling me, what had disturbed me, i think that made sense what I told her, at the end she told me, I think that paulo is well balanced for the situation that is living, I do not think by what I had analyze, that you are schizophrenic.

Then life has accelerated, foot to the floor.

My parents went after the consultancy to pay the lady, then, she told them that she had diagnosed me, a bi polar disorder, curious disease in its curious label, because is classic that anyone who suffers from it, is consider part of their diagnosis, start, I stress this precise term, start, to deny it, like the doctor or the so call knowledge saying, even you try, with the label, you stay,

That is an ideal disturbance that enters all the heads, even if they refuse, as refusing, is already prove of having one.

Perfect invention for a perfect labeling.

And me with the phone in hand, Lady psi, there must be a misunderstanding here, let's talk about it

and we meet a few days later at her office, both sitting in comfortable chairs like sofas with table in between, where the two lay our notebooks

The eyes of lady psi wide open when I take mine from the suitcase, I take the cover of the pen and put it on my knees in the ilk of those who will take notes,

you know, from little child, because I was taught well, that I take notes, is a rooted old habit, the lady start getting stress, so stressed, that I ended up saying, you know, I'm a writer and for this reason I have memory, I will save the notebook in the suitcase, because I' just see that puts you nervous, memory will be enough

There must be a misunderstanding here, because when I live the consultation, you did not say to me nothing close or equivalent to that you after communicated to third parties.

Look, I say, I say to you at the end, that you have a bi polar disturbance and that you maybe take a mood regulator.

Look, who did not tell me nothing in this kind, what you said, was, that I was not schizophrenic and that even my mood seemed very balanced in face of the circumstances which I described to you.

No, I told him what I just said.

Do you not confused the diagnosis with another of your s clients

No, I have done no mistake, I do not admit these confusions

I you do not admit that some time you can forget, that you can confuse characteristics among yours clients in continuous sessions, one after another

do you remember about this subject that I spoke to you last time

(she did not remember)

Well, we're we are in a situation of word against word, within the context, that you lady, are in the community recognized as an authorized professional, capable, with the skills to do this type of diagnosis and statement about the state's mental health a being, a citizen.

I do not think I can make a diagnosis based on a hour conversation.

Did you read my writings in Ouro Sobre Azul, which I had suggested to you to read, if you wanted to learn more about me, perhaps was there that you formed this opinion on my condition,

no, she replay

Look I'm not what I write or what I write is not what I am.

By the way things are going, I have to require a medical psychologists council to demonstrate that I am not sick, that my mental health is fine, thanks.

I do not think it's worth, she replay.

So if you please, I would like to tell me about this disease and its characteristics, and I insisted again, her absence of answer confirmed that she would not do.

And tell me something else lady, are you not bound by professional secrecy, and for this reason, how you had comment a diagnosis, with third parties.

I did so because they are your parents, but I understand what you say, I can only promise from now on that I will do not no more.

Okay, so even if you do, explain how to recover trust in a relationship after one break it, should we be naive or opt for the trust, because people change, regenerate, get better, perhaps a good talk topic for an upcoming reunion.

How to restore confidence in someone that break it.

And let me tell you one thing more, I'm from a different school, when my heart hurts, I do not take mood stabilizers, as you call them without calling, because you did not even say each ones.

I get me close to the pain to cry it, whole and to understand it in all its shades, after the bleeding, then I make again the sun come, because I think that escaping the pain, to push for a second level of my conscience will not solve it, I can mitigate it, but in this way, I do not transform it, I do not work with her and about her.

And my heart is a loving heart, a heart which is tailored by the nature of my will and the nature of the hearts to love, and know who truly loves, suffers at times, and the great skill is to arrange so we do not miss ability to love, to surrender, even knowing that new abuse, stabbing, may happen again, but always loving, desiring love.

Well, where we are in a situation of technical draw, you say, a, you even not explains why is, a, I say that you did not tell, a , and you are a doctor.

Look, I'll think, but do not seem that I come here again, you had already drawn yours conclusions, there is no way of dialogue on this matter, since you already labeled me, and I do not see any reason to come here, unless the peace that the closes to me, think that can get by this way, which was indeed what made me come here first, but you know, every time I try to settle this type of care to the ones that are close to me, seems to me that I leave so to speak, impaired.

Passing the check and laughing inside about the deep irony that the life made me living, skirt with a label and still paid over, was the insight on my mind when I sign the check.

Then I started thinking, if your conscience on these matters is this one, that her action show to me, to where and with whom will go the disloyalty, and also, what is hiding behind this diagnosis in the way that was done.

whom is interested that I come up with a diagnosis of this nature, to what extent it discredits me in the eyes of the world.

Has this to do with my writings about the world and love, on the point of the path where I am in life?

Who is so frightened with me, with the ideas and points of view that I express in my writing?

And the world has changed, lots of rumors thrown into the wind come at my hearing, a huge concerted attack effort, much of it in the Internet space itself, a progressive level of awareness in me, that those who make war had risen, intimidation’s made with blogs that appeared in an hour and disappeared in another, lots of attempts of manipulation by creating images that can induce psychotic states.

Beings who hitherto treated me with courtesy, with respect, turned the course of his steps to anticipate crossings

... Three psis, the one who diagnosed me, Teresa Maia, the second one, Ana Paula Viera second connected with the first, the third that diagnosed my son, Helena Sequeira, which had the gall to write at the end of his report,

...confirm my belief in the face of psychological observation and reevaluation that Francisco most live with the mother, and spend the weekend every two weeks with his father in order to stabilize and fit into the family structure that he feel as yours, and can be identified with it ...

All this without the knowledge of Father

More clarity in the tainted process in my view, it is not possible.

The scene mounted to justify in court the breakdown and reduction of the relationship between child and father, between the father and him.

Plus I tell you, while I was alone in this world, everything good and everything bad in the beating they gave me.

But now I have a son and by this reason the reality has changed dramatically for me, concerning the evil that they do against me, because they do also to my son.

Let's see if you understand this once and for all, that I will not allow this!

Lady Helena Sequeira, I remind me of an old man’s behavior that improperly before the Law of the Heart was formerly called the tabelião law.

If after the facts proven, Verifying lawyer (s) have sent you children in cases of dispute over guardianship

verifying how a psi can make an evaluation of a child without the consent of both parents, which in my view is unacceptable and if it is not defined in the codes of ethics or protected by law, should be quickly.

Still having no ability to produce evidence for lack of assessment until this moment, of what had occurred and the extent of any induction or conditioning made on my son, or, if you, or others had subject him to any kind of chemical substance, and in what extent this had contribute to change his perception of me, because I saw this change and I'm living it.

And Madam, this is the darkest point of what I will still to check, as it is here, if criminal acts had occur in this way, and being prove your participation, not the quote of your responsibility, that the greatest damage was done to the child, who is my son.

And this damage as you knows by professional knowledge, has sometimes irreversible consequences throughout life.

May God and I, that will be not like this, and Sure I'm, That For My Being and the Art of Loving, this will not come to happen.

But this does not preclude from happening to many, for not having the luck to be loved, and thus create adolescents who kill the weak and defenseless men, to whom the absence of good and well and the well in treatment, with care, with attention, with firm, in particularly with the presence of the people who love them, with much more time than we have today, conduct them, as we do today s to the experiences that they live and see, around them, violence, arrogance in all its multiple facets, the creed of the most strong and the ego, to the will of ego, that, I can, I m able to do, and I do, in all their variations.

And in the same way that love protects and welcomes in freedom without arrest, his absence, in the confrontation between the perception that boys in grow have of the world, only can be paint with a dominant tone, Fear, and Fear always leads always to violence, and it's just a matter of level.

This is the resulting growth of children in helplessness of love, in they own inability by its very nature, by lack of their own means to digest and and turn in a proper and positive way, the experiences that the world organized and made by the adults offer to them

Who is then, the responsibility.

When a case like this happens and adolescents are already chargeable according the law of men, who should be arrested, those who say that the hand had escape from them, or all of us adults who did not give them the hand of the heart.

In reality and thought well, we should all go, divided by all those feathers and that each one fulfills its part, while there are prisons

And the conclusion of this conversation in the specificity of damage to the heart of my son, must wait till later, if there is one, later, in whom has been estranged from his son, who knows what the child feels at fault and needs.

And lady, there also damage to my heart too.

I think I saw in your office a photograph of your s children.

As psi, accustomed to think of imagination affairs, and pain, will not be difficult to experience a separation of equivalent period to the one that occurs to me, in part because of your acting, because you had in practical terms consummate the rupture of the agreement in which the family was living, a fair division of time between the three.

And madam, have the laws of men means to convert the moral and heart damage, even knowing that the heart damages is not typify, in cash compensation.

And I remember as a child to find this exchange strange.

how a sum of money could compensate a lack, because the money does not bring back the missing.

This departure from my son since December 24, 2005 will take time to recover, from the moment that my and his rights are safeguarded, and that we reacquire the right to be and walk together.

the wounds will take time to recover, restoring the necessary confidence, knowing that he is being conditioned not to tell these things to his father, and it's going to be in the form that must be done, with total smoothness, because only in this way the instilled resistance and fears vanishes, and all this steps take is own time in sharing experiences, with presence, with feelings that nullify the suspicions that are in his heart distilled by third parties.

If the tabelião law was in effect, would be the Lady away from your children for an equal period of time, but fortunately this time has passed, nor do I want bad to you or to yours, I just want that you do not evil to me, to mine, to others.

Do you know lady, comes to mind a semblance with an old story of a king named Solomon, who in face of two ladies that both claim to be the mother of the same child, have replay the king, then he will split into two, giving one piece to each.

It appears that the real father, then, chose to walk away.

But I do not have any indication from the Father and Mother in order to sacrifice my son.

For this reason I fight and I will fight for his recovery, for is defense, against everything that stand.

I present my case and my defense by my own voice without the aid of counsel, because I believe that law allows me to defend for my own voice.

Based on the comment above and without any prejudice of further complementary clarification that will be need, hereby, I, apply for the custody of my son and regulation of a time sharing agreement equivalent to the one that was working from 2005, that is, alternate weeks between the parents, with one day break in between.

The costs of living, encompassing housing, food, health, education and leisure will be borne by each party, without payment of cash amounts between them.

Are exceptions, being borne in equal shares, the cost of education and health.

hereby I apply for parental responsibility, insofar as the history of actions by the mother clear demonstrates in my view, that she is not prepared to exercise joint custody, situation that I make available to re evaluate in five years, because by principle, I believe that custody should be joint except in circumstances where a part harm the child as in my see has happened and happen to my son

I request parental power and fair division of the living, because I believe that the fact that my child is away from me, and me from him, undermines is happiness, is good and harmonious develop and flourish.

I request parental power, because I do not abandon my son being, namely knowing that in mother's family side there is a clear paradigm of neurosis proven with a schizophrenic stated in her family history.

I request parental authority in matters of education concerning matter of education and school, because namely because I want to change the school that my son attend

I do not think that I need to prove to the court my normal mental state, as an idea of normality is possible to have on this matter, and it is also true that the facts described in the texts fragment now present, describe colloquiums, then, word against word, but I understand that if the court want to produce prove in this matters, may produce ordering the testimony and interrogation of the doctors involved.

And I stress that some facts narrated, in my opinion, there should be pursued in research.

It is further noted by reading the reports from the evaluation of Francisco, the first dated November 2, 2005 begins by saying:

Child friendly, smiling, accessible, collaborative, invested in the tasks of systematic observation, without difficulty into the projective game ...

And many other features in the illustration of his personality, contradict the conclusions, noting that at date of evaluation, the child even separated, lived with both parents.

serious is when as father I read that according to the evaluation, that Francisco showed signs of anxiogenic instability, because if he revealed them, I had no knowledge of the causes, and for him to get anxious as any, it must had felt something as anxiogenic, and often this is done by someone who is close to him

According to the report, Francisco presents an intellectual development above the average of his group.
The language is developed for the age

In instrumental terms presents a profile suitable for his age group.

And in terms of affective reveals a immature structure in psychologically conflict, sensitive and impressionable, very ambivalent ...

But this structure, the links with both parents, that gave him what is assessed as positive and of course, the affective structure at the time of evaluation,was being corrupted in precision by the mother, and children always perceive and understand the adult world and their intentions in the measure of they eyes, and is then normal to express some ambivalence, plus with the background separation and reformulation of a new family in his life.

Curious, is the successive s cliches without any explanation that makes the report, a shielded vault, accessible only to those who know the meaning in technical terms, and that therefore cries as saying, believe me, because you can not understand it, and my allowed hand and recognized, awarded it.

It is curious to note that Francis that was living the separation of his family, is not to mention in the report, the closest similarity is established when says... Francisco is. a child marked by traumatic experiences of parental conflict ...

And that all his characterization resulted from the analysis of his personality, the evidenced characteristics, had never be related with so important and always traumatic fact.

And the report says, that his most acute conflicts, relate to the experience of problems of living archaic shapes, referring to the process of “castration anxiety" and "triangulation"

And after characterize the traits which in her view derive from archaic problematic, even claim, that if they do not appease, Francisco is likely to structure the uncertainty and anxiety within a framework regarded as pathological.

Arising from the life and living Francisco the affective and regular relations were not confined to parents in the first five years of life. Fortunately he had always a large presence of the grandparents on both sides and uncle, brother and mother, and during the first five years of age, Francisco lived with them more than twice a week during the afternoons until dinnertime. Francisco also attended the nursery since he can and therefore also had a socialization group and all this are relationships, the reality and substance of Francisco affections.

Not found the report, in mention the archaic outlines, the fact that the child has always slept with her mother since birth, a practice that was continued after separation by the mother, that I do not know if it continues, and it is unfortunate, because perhaps in the light of this knowledge may interpret the origin of certain features and conflict in its true root origin.

The second report with the date of February 6, 2006 says almost the same, some phrases are strictly the same, elaborated by the same strict words, added one, I confirm, before, and gives oval to a lie at its end without explaining the source of information, that since the evaluation period coincided with the removal from the father for more than a month because him, the father, had not look for him, she say , that is behavior is less volatile and that is more positive and that the child will be better, if only pass biweekly week-ends with the father.

Almost as strange as the hidden meaning of consideration number twenty four, of the against action, that says

Although the silence of the father, Francisco does not ask for him and walk noticeably more balanced, though him has completely disappeared.

It is assumed that what was disappeared, was the father, and the sense of this consideration, is the same sense of the considering of the psychiatric evaluation.

And what I find amazing is that they do such a statement, for the odd strange indeed, possibly a total lie that reveals the perversity on process and how to construct arguments, is that a son who lives with a parent during five years, four on day by day basis, and one in part, and suddenly no more question about the father when he disappeared because he was put away, not because he moved away.

What kind of father would I be, only if an ogre and a brute of the worst on earth.

The behavior that the mother had with son during the first years of life has created a kind of tie of almost unconscious osmosis, as in part are always the natures of these links, aware in another part, between child and mother.

That the father always tried to oppose, and several times with mother agreed the weaning and the mother always stuck agreements, postponing the dates in succession.

A relationship that established in this way translates equivalents characteristics described in psychiatric assessments, namely, a greater identification with the maternal figure, because this dependency has been created by the mother herself.

A relationship with this matrix relationship has and produce all the ingredients for a formation of the different sides of personality, male and female unbalanced and can lead to many tensions, both internal in child, as to the whom that carry the role of affective and sexual references, that are in first, the parents and can also create tensions in the parents that manifest themselves in they relational field and therefore are reintroduced in the child.

A relationship with this degree of dependency created by a parent to a son does not lead to the full and harmonious development of the child, and dependencies, must we never forget, always obey and bring themselves a project, an intention, and a control practice, when over another being, are made.

And all that is excessive protection or excessive freedom, brings some times bad consequences, can create serious and persistent problems and pathologies in children and in the future adults they be

On the arguments presented by the applicant and his argument, I say to finish these considerations, that the description of the facts do not correspond to reality and that they had details of what I can consider, fine picturesque form.

In number five

While disagreeing ... and full of tremors... agreed but as expected, found that the model did not work.

In number seven

... Because the defendant was unable to be as much time with the child, either because the life he led and the places he frequented were not suitable for Francisco, or because his behavior has become even more unstable and unbalanced ...

Without explaining why so understand, that the father had not so much time to be with his son, and what are these sites that she considered not appropriate and based in what argumentation to consider them not well, another example of argument used in a insinuative mode with a a judicatory form based
in nothing

from the number eight to the tenth, is claimed that what was the daily living establish for already large months, that correspond to the new routines in the new familiar model, was not good for Francisco, that mother try to change the conditions with the father, and that she had not succeed it

in this way, in the number eleven, claim that mother change by it own initiative what was the practical, being more time francisco with her, that the regime, became what under is proposal.

If they still propose, then can not be acceptable as it was already, the behavior of mother, was against the father, breaking in a unilateral way, the family living as it was been living from the day of 2005 of December 2005, when she not allowed any more that the son stay further with the father, then, contrary, to what is is claim, there was not any kind of gradual transition in time periods that lead to another frame of the real division of living

from the thirteen to to the nineteen, is given an confabulate version of a real fact that occurred and is stated one accusation of physic aggression, that by it own juridical nature, shall lead to a crime complain. And is also a charge that hurts the good name and the personality of the father, and by this reason are within the criminal square of this rights

a priory I do not think the need of defending my self or present prove of the falsie of the facts here narrated in this considerations, because seems to me, be the competence from the part that present this argumentation, to supply is prove

if whoever the court want to understand this matter in the perception of the light that this understanding can do enlighten about the character and behavior of the father, should them call as witness the officials of public police, PSP, that had take note of what occurred, that by they statement can add an external point of view from the ones present by the parents

whoever I present right now the fallow considerations on this matter

was the father that call the police when the mother refuse that the son came with the father when he was with her for more day that as the agreement, because meanwhile Francisco had a providential flu in the night of 24 of December to the day of 25 December 2006,and by this way was created the pretext that francisco stay more then was agree at house of mother, during already the time that was expected to be with father. This was the mother way to implement, what the allegation at the eleven consideration, call, new regime and is not all inadequate this image, if I think that was as like a “coup de etat”, trough force , we do and is done, with the assurance, that the other, the father, by his nature and conviction never act in a equivalent way, and by this ways, they had from the depart the assurance of impunity and the accomplish of the act

father call the police asking them to take not of the occurred, to be registered, that father was impeached to came with the son from mother house, and only with this purpose, father acted like that, because he knows that police could not do any more in this kind of situation, and if the father pretended as a register purpose, certainly he would not create any confusion that jeopardize what was his goal

did not father made any aggression to the mother, meanwhile there was physical contact between them, and at a certain point both had fall without any violence in the bed,

thinks his father for two reasons namely

The abnormal time that the mother took to open the door of his house that gave to me the understand of the usual setting of the stage

And an impression that was reinforced after, that some other people at that time hid in the bathroom that opens to the living room, from where you can view the room, and then not knowing the father, the strategy or the evidences that the part that has placed the action will produce, if some photo or video about what happened in the room appear, then it would be confirm the existence of these people and put serious doubt that the fall was not a staged event, and that a prove has been fabricated. Wrong Perception and deductive reasoning, or proof of preemptive clairvoyance, the future will tell.

The mother did not show any marks of physical abuse, because she did not have any and if she will came to claim it, was done by makeup, because this do not happen. Nor do I will stay admire if appears, because anybody can easily do.

Have no hesitation the father to imagine and to anticipate all possible scenarios, even the more outlandish, as him has assisted and been confronted with a systematic anything goes principle.

Already during the year 2005 a similar impeachment situation had occurred, this time in mother's grand mother house, made by her, the grand mother, that refused that the son came out with the father , and father gave to the police, the occurred.

And explaining in detail what happened inside the house was the follow.

The father went accompanied by mother to the room where Francisco was sick in bed and checked out for himself the real son fever and had concluded if one, that would be very low and he was able to go with father to father home.

At that point mother pulled father out of bed and began to pull him away for the son, and father started tell her that she had no right to do so, that she could not push him it by force, that she could not impose her will in this way, and that he would not let this happen like that, and what happened was, they stay both front to front making strength and then unbalanced and fell both over the bed without great agitation or great excitement in this fall.

And I do not believe by what I saw, that Francisco has been particularly scared or upset because that was more dance style, because the emotions were more interior that expressed.

And I think there are times in situations of violence between couples of a psychological nature which are sometimes much more damaging than the offenses of character body and sometimes when they are often, made them resemble to torture.

And father had opportunity to learn from the mother, as one drives the other towards break by creating pressures of all kind to make do the step that in reality the other want to do without appearing to want to it.


by a matter of appearance and judgment and moral approval of the proper conduct in face to third parties.

And twice the father was physically assaulted by the mother during the time they lived together, not having the father complained about this fact, nor appreciated in this way what happened.

And to finish my comments on the comments alleged by the mother representative and reading the visitation regime that is proposed, jumps out in reasoning and thought the following:

That the proposed mechanism, three weeks in summer vacation divided into three periods of seven days each, reveals that there is an implicit intention on the part of the mother, a clear intention not to allow the child to stay for large followed periods of time with the father, at a time when by their characteristics, are strengthened and solidified the bonds of affection, and also does not explain to the father, whit whom Francisco stays the remaining holidays, since the sum of the vacation of two parents, that can eventually be overlap, is always less than the total time of Francisco vacation.

What about maintenance pension, this is one of the points that dive me into a deep unfortunate irony, because the way I feel what was your decision, is more or less this one, you take me off the child, and I still paid over to whom who did it.

And in my view, the big question in this process, for which I request by this nature, because it involve a child, the maximum urgency in it solution, lies in this statement.

A parent who deliberately acts and performs all a complex strategy to carry the child on his left, that invents, that give the say by the unsaid, that distort, that manufacture, that lie and manipulate a lot of people including the child, and by this means always lead the water to his mill in front of the other parent who behaves in the rules and act based on contrary values, is indeed the one that is hurting and badly the son

You know, Your Honor, me as father in this process fell as a victim of a terrorist act, because the action of the mother has been like a terrorist who perpetuated the actions and in this ways always creates a fait accompli.

Against the wall I feel my self in this whole process of action and consequences of the act of the mother.

And this is an issue that also brings me in a worry, because in my view, this are wrong values that are passed by example to the son, lying, teach him the way of hiding and lying, and the lack of trust instead of relying on parents, and although I can or should not want to inhibit opinions or ways of being of the mother, I pretend the right that assist me for being the father of the same child, that at least I can give him the chance to realize that the world is not necessarily like this, that he not have to act in this ways in his living, and that in these ways of living, we lose more than earn.

And if the whole process and the achieved, award who is acting as a terrorist, then what is left to the one that behavior according to the law of the heart and men, crying at times when he think as necessary, that they became more fair, that is being often persecuted for seeking and act in justice among and with his brothers.

I start to realize the temptation of some to begin to start shooting, or kill themselves and kill their own, in face of the prevalence that seems obtain the ones who badly act and the bad that by this acting creates for others especially to the sons.

In practical terms me and my son had been confronted with a set of actions that brings us apart from the Christmas time and want to keep us in this way until atrial that may occur only in six months.

And the father has not received until this date, any proposal from the mother to the division of time, as expressed by the decision of Lady Judge, nor the decision set to her a time limit to do so, and in practical terms father is still unable to be with son and is as like handcuffed, because if father want a equitable sharing time, and mother want that son will be less time with father, and been given to her the power to regulate this, the initiative can only be on her side.

According to hereby stated and argued, a sum right now a request to the court concerning the substance of the regulation of parental responsibility, the immediate concession of an agreement on division of time until the conclusion of the trial, because only by this way the due justice can became real

And Lady Judge I would also like to give to you, a account of other judgments that my see has judge

I was waiting one hour before the conference start and nobody had an explanation of what happened and an apology. The lawyer who entered the room representing the mother, is not the one that signed the action and he was not even presented to me, and therefore I not know his name, asking the court his identity.

There were two people sitting in the room in between the parties that were not presented and I do not think that is curial that matters of this nature are dealt with people strange to them without first obtaining the consent of the parts directly involved, which requires prior information.

From the above emerges a recommendation for men to think how justice can become more directly accessible to children and the much more that can be done to better protect them.

That time periods like this ones are unsustainable to resolve these issues, by the characteristics and needs, and healing capacity that always separations need when occur, that in this way, the door to a lot of damage to the child is open, and this tells us of the need to have lesser time periods, for a greater protection.

that law should consider as starting point that if the family lived together, ie, share the days in communion, the guard, should always be as depart understood as joint and while the courts do not appreciate and regulate, this reality should be extend until there, based on the various reasons that are present.

That in the case of public institutions that have child’s and adolescents, should have doors always franchised to whom society entrusted to monitor and verify the conditions in whom the they live, give them space to listen them and they views and any eventual complaints,acting always more preventive then reactive when the fact had already occur.

The responsibility of safety and security of their rights and freedoms is in the hand of all, as all are the state and therefore we all know that part of the responsibility rests with each one and in accordance whit this conscience awareness act according.

When a process who origin is reported to events for over twenty years ago,

When the witness, in light of what is reported, are repeatedly threatened

When early in the process have been mentioned photographs that were seen by some, where appeared other involved to addition to the ones that are on trial, and then disappeared

Casa Pia, twenty years of abuse, a so extended period of time, can not have as abusers, the small group of suspects who are currently in court.

Certainly the young unprotected flesh whose responsibility is in the hands of all had fed many more wolves.

The parts that are known in the general painting of the abuse of children in Portugal point by its components and sum, by their branches and distinct connections, this outlines a wider picture by the present branches and ramifications

This process and its outcome will be symbolically evaluated the ability of democracy to ensure the rights of the ones who are more in disadvantaged, that are those who society must more protect, and is fair to assume by extension that the basis and form of abuse whenever within different settings, is the same in its nuclear mechanism, and correspond to a cultural and behavioral practices that spread everywhere, and that has to do with the length of a generation and its misuse of power that they had passing through they hands.

Should then men think, what we can and must do to ensure greater protection of rights of children and adolescents.

Because they are the Golden and what matters most to defend in their own freedom.

And to the mother once again I affirm my love, because once loved always loved, and the connection that I bring with her, is in my belief, eternal, children s do not does not disrupt and these fruits are forever, but my love to her does not blind me to the her bad acting, and therefore I have to accept it and hope that one day she can accept the child and the father is entitled to live their part together and that she realize that she can not do everything she want the way she want, and that these behaviors hurt the child.

And that her behavior becomes clear and right so that with her again I can talk.

Present as witnesses, the following individuals

awaiting approval

paulo miguel garcia miguel fernandes, father of Francisco forte

Lisbon, April 7 day of the year two thousand and six

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