quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

187 E 02 11 2011

Dear s
sweet representatives of something, I m sure,
bureaucrats, bandits and terrorists

is very nice to think and state about the common reforms if we are first of all common in a way
perhaps, first of all because all we have a human heart
sometimes even a head that seems be the house of conscience
and not only the support of the woman’s beautiful hair

as a child
I like very much to inquiry you all
for instance

why there is not a justice system at European level
laws and rule arise because I m not alone in the world
it s then very strange
that a common project
whatever its is aims and formulation
seems had forget
that basic human need and condition
in whatever common spaces
we may consider

when there s no law and justice body s
came always bang bang

and things like robber s and even many crimes like genocide
and even the pieces that we carry in pockets seems some times be absent
perhaps this danger water s at EC institutions had a kind of Alzheimer

however I send to all you dears, representatives of political houses in European parliament
a SOS letter, because among many crimes, there s a constant attempt of murder against me

mr marco from the HTML family,
that I presume be also a political family
replay to me that you all receive tons of letters by day, even electronic ones

however I m always very glad to receive constant letters from my beloved one
because is a prove of love

of course it seems them
that the mean of the word


have distinct and even opposite

in the absence of a common law and normal and expected body s of justice
do not mistake with political body s team
that aim s good brain massages
that arouse after
by the law of the nature of the bees
good actions

I ask you all, that as representatives came also by each of the country’s that agree on a common project, if there is one, with a distinct law, that don’t consecrate the common principle, that, if we are aware of a crime, namely a attempt of murder against some one, we must intervene, and if we do not, some time we can be also had criminal charges

this is important to understand if according to each country s laws, a citizen in this circumstance can make a criminal accusation against the ones that act in this way, better saying and writing, do not act

of course, that common spaces, projects, or whatever it is and imply more them one together, are always and must always be build and ruled in the principle of equality of duty s and rights between all parts, or individuals because, common is only possible by the reason, that mans are all from the same family, of course bees included

some times this have another name, in the language of mans, at least,
human rights

that I suppose are granted on foundations of laws

I have send the SOS letter in the day 13 of September
I have also the prove that each one of you had received
but I still waiting for a replay

of course I m a very rich man
by love
my free time
trying to

paulo forte

02 11 2011

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