sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

i just send a e mail to lady claire mayer from the mr buzek, Ec pr parliament

lisbon 05 11 2011, 16:54

dear claire, i m still waiting for the letter that you have confirm me by phone was signed by the president himself, 
as you know, i have no money to phone you all, as the page of the president say by what seems be his own words

"there is no us or you, we can say clear and loud this europe belongs to all"

shall we all, europeans citizens how many time, this beatifull say, take the time to travel by a phone call

i ask you, milady if you can forward this love letter to all the heads of parliament group, if ones, or even heads that pressume first the existence of hearts

paulo forte
and today,also a video that my interest you all

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