terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

criminal accusation against ex pt prime minister, jose socrates

...I demand to the prosecutor of the court first of all to obtain from the public archives of public television this piece as prove, and then that he inquiry jose socrates, what is the real meaning of a police body that can carry functions like the one he claim, the prevention of cataclysms, because as citizen I do not know any secret policial ways or knowledge to prevent cataclysms and by other side, as a portuguese citizen that lives in this corrupt country form many decades, I know, that this terrorists of state, in a constant way, disguise the truth in his reverse, wich means in this case, that is more probable, that in reality they are the ones responsible for many cataclysms that occur every where around the world, and if this truth,they must be charge by many crimes of genocide...

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