quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

To the president of european parliament and to all

the president of european parliament
and to all

must I ask you
about this mysterious crimes

I still do not have a answer from you after sending to you and to all head of political families at the

european parliament

at 8 july this year

must we all understand that exist however a kind of help
taking in account
the change in Italian government
because in a way, justice done, is a facet of help

is this true concerning the continuous crime for six years against my soon and me
I cant see in that way, because justice due to him and to me is not already done

perhaps must I understand this image of a apparently or partial fall of prime minister berlusconi, very strange by one of this recent lines that was here in the news attribute to him
that the interrupter still in his hands, perhaps the one that I listen sometimes here at my home

summarizing the image of the fall
can I say what you all will understand in full context when the videos concerning also this matter will be publish

It seems that the leg of a certain pistol in the middle of two Templar columns
is a hand on the knees
that I translate in
cover or the ness, the water monster
of a certain oyster
cover of a certain Spanish lady
at least, by looking style
knees in portuguese
is joelho
first el of Ho
ho chi min
Christmas time
which points
water matters

meanwhile one more bridge has fall
the tempest was very beautiful
and the prejudice large
for many

in the supermarket
two polices
had buy
ice cream
gelado, ge lado, gel lado, first ad of the ado, art
a kind of pasta
that is an old lecture on book of life
Italian one
a black on heart big boot

it seems
the fall

if true, must I assume that for european and world wide justice, for politicians, murders, is payed with retirement with interrupters

write on 15 November 2011, I suppose that this text was disapear from my pen when I try to publish, one of the last time that I was where at the internet , it start to be a letter to european parliament, but in the middle of the writing a part of a key concerning the image junker, berlusconi, appear, then came in a certain way a mix text

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