segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011

crime at EC parliament, citizen inquiry services, mr gianmarco

181 E 24 10 2011

citizins inquiry service EC , mr gianmarco,

another try of contact
the account of the first one here on monday, 17 de Outubro de 2011

this video is the account on the kind of firewall they seem, had put to my phone number at EC institutions, which is a crime by it self

because at I proved before, they know they had commit a very serious crime apparently the robber and replacement of a letter that was signed by the president him self

this prove a crime, and the existence of the international criminal association also infiltrated at high level EC institutions

however, if his signature in the letter that I received his true, he is also charge in front of the Italian prosecutor, by cover of act of robber abuse and stole of a child and attempt of murder against my person, for had refuse assistant based on false motifs when he had became aware of this crime

as the court and all can see, this morning my body was literally slaking in consequence again of a attempt of murder

the actions or the non actions of public services and individuals that work at them must always be accountable even in civil and criminal responsibility, this is a exigence of all citizen around the world, a prompt justice and the payment of responsibility’s

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