segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

first call to citzen inquire service EC

the place from where the apparently letter in behalf of mr jerky buzek, published where at page documents,    (letter published with the date 01 10 2011 ) signed by gianmarco addimando, was send to me 

today i trie again to phone him, and i did not suceed until now

more strange, this morning at 8h45, i received a phone call from a private number, apparently from lady claire meyer from the cabinet of mr buzek, replaying to another phone call from me last friday, and she say to me a very strange thing, that the letter that was send to me, was signed by the president himself

until this hour, i tried to contact her again, because the call fall at a certain point, without success

if this is the case, again a crime was commited 

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