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crime complain to the prosecutor of french republic trough the embassy and also accusation on two crimes

177 E 22 10 2011

This video is the prove of my attempt to present a crime complain to the prosecutor of french republic trough the embassy of France at Lisbon, that at end I did not understand if they even had take correct note

the letter with the complain complain is here published in this blog at this link

as I state at the end to the European court, one of the goal of the PT terrorists, in a hour conversation with them in the day of yesterday to obtain three European address, was that I spend all my phone credit, must I assume they receive orders from others, to obstacle the presentation of my complain that I m trying to present to Curia, European court, against many, namely all the portuguese bandits authorities, from the day 8 of June of this year

this is also a prove of another constant crime that PT, as many others operators of communications do against what law define as consumers rights, that are based in peoples rights, and for this consideration, and prove I also ask the court a sentence on this particular crime

the crime is this one

as all and the court know, there is what we can define as a standard contract that is common among all the operators, which is generic call the prepayment, which means, a certain amount of money that the contractor pays in advance to the operators, that became a credit that one use until the end of it, that what a contractor, the consumer, must expected, but there is also a crime here done by the operators, as proved in this video account

because at a certain point the call was cut by the operator, and them, they send what seems to be a automatic, message saying, that your credit, which means the credit of the contractor, in this case, me, is less them a euro

you can hear the audio signal after they had cut the call, of the arriving of that text message with contains the above information, which is the prove of the crime it self, because less than an euro is not zero euros, and as all and the court know the calculus of the cost is done by second units, then I also must assume that PT expressly cut this call, and this act rise other question, for instance,why they where so afraid that i present a crime complain trough the french embassy

normally contracts, and contracts of services, presuppose by legal conditions, that both parts have equally possibility of supervision, complain and defense, which is not the case as here proved concerning this services provide by communication operators and worst, knowing all, that PT is a company that normally still as I proved in other situations, similar in a way with this

this became specially serious when a citizen is object of complex and continuous crime like this one, where the company’s of communication are used to spy, robber, and even framing

( in the line above during this writing, appears, the name, Sirius)

as the court can see, all this contacts with different embassy here at Lisbon, as others that I mentioned in the past with others fro distinct country’s like, Canada, Germany, Japan, namely to gave the knowledge of others crime that occurred, are in sum very strange, by many factors, the first of all, be the systematic absence of any answer until now, with a recent exception, in the case of GB after a insistence, and even trick, because the lady paula carrasqueira from that embassy say to me, that after they return to me, what did not also, occur

all this together give substance to what I had also stated before, that many in embassays are also in this crime of international conspiracy, of course, for many different reasons

must I assume that one of them, is that trough the embassy’s are also at least a channel of steeling of my political ideas and others, like product concepts and also the analyzes that I do concerning for instance, crimes that occur in many different country’s

as for instance the concept that after became a commercial product of high value, the mupis, system for advertising on street city’s, trough jcdecaux, a french enterprise, that also mingle the socialist party an the Lisbon city council here

must I also assume that the bandits of portuguese authorities and other forces, had also moved some influence in the sense to obstacle the presentation of my crime complain to Curia, European court, and if truth, this is also a crime

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