sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

presentation of international crime to luxemburg embassy at lisbon

video 174 E 21 10 2011, call to Luxemburg embassy at Lisbon

this is the account of a phone call to Luxemburg embassy, yesterday, 20 of October, trying to present and inform the embassy the existence of a crime in they territory and subsequently criminal complain

was you can confirm by yourself, the lady that tolds me to be, christine coorman, when I ask her the official address of the prime minister of Luxemburg, start to say that without knowing the subject, she can not give me, with is a very strange answer

then we listen what it seems to be also a prepared set, very loud sound of steps, of feminine steps, like a horse or a mule and coorman, or corman, remind me the name of the one once considered the worst film maker of all time in America, terror movies, there was quoted long time ago on my book of life,

worst movies, can also fit this last line comment with mr marco from the speroni, EC parliament cabinet, who by the image of caviar and monica belluci, can also fit in the killing of beslan,

the fact that this call was directly connect trow the PT terrorists reinforce that suspicion of a prepared set to induce a certain lecture

this bandits of this international criminal association make always a labyrinth, and a labyrinth is a place where all peoples get lost some time, as it seems happening with all humankind, for this reason, we can say the some are really interested in maintain others, like me, in this labyrinth, this will have as consequence abbreviate the fall of all, because the ligth or the absence of it, is what aloud man to see and come out of labyrinth

if you don t believe, you all see

labyrinth is also a recent comment that I have done, remember to all, a American movie, where all a city, metaphor of a micro or macro cosmos, plays a constant show to one in particular, and life in many levels on the account, of the constant movie, the victim is subject for the pleasure and different interest of many’s

do you remember.... a kind of big brother, with criminal intentions

 in this link where athis blog,  the written complain to the prossecutor of luxemburg, france and italy

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