sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

second call to luxemburg police

video 173 E 21 10 2011, second call to Luxemburg police

this is the video account on the second call to Luxemburg police trying to present a complain of a crime that is going on in the jurisdiction of this country, in two European institutions, Curia, the European court and EC parliament

again the same criminal operandus process show the face, as the same at curia calls, the lady that I had speak on the first call and who identify herself as member of that police, now seems not exist, as the same within curia

both are apparently portuguese, this prove that this international criminal association has a portuguese branch, that first appears at the official community center at Lisbon, jean monet, before as you all remember, the killing in Norway and other at canaries, Spain, as I gave the account at that moment

if true that in this phone the call was attended by the Luxembourg police, the music in wait seems the same as you can heard, this is also unacceptable and also a crime, namely when the man say to me that I must go to Luxemburg to present a complain of this nature

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