quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

account on a new try to contact with mr jerky buzek cabinet

There is a labyrinth at EC parliament

Is like a black hole

Must I assume that at least in the cabinet of the president of European parliament, Mr jerky buzek, they have decided to not answer even my calls

however as proved by the events it self, a crime was committed
this is the account of my yesterday tries to contact again the cabinet

today the international association of criminals have succeed to make me run out of my telephone credit, one hour phone with pt to obtain the official address of Italy, Luxembourg and France pm, at least one false

more a week, and in practical terms, nothing other than this crime going on
all this confirm ans more sustain the prove of a international conspiracy against a child and a father

what peoples are this, who don t have a heart to help a father that is fighting for is soon for this last years

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