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Second false letter from the european court, curia

Second false letter from the european court, curia

must I presume

I received in hand yesterday, 09 10 2011, this letter ,  apparently again from the secretary of the court, Mr E, Coulon, letter and envelope at the page documents, here in this blog , with the date of today

why this is a false letter, if you compare the two letters that I apparently received from curia until now, not three as this letter mentioned, the name is the same, but the signatures are different

again as in the first letter, the letters are not signed, because the false signature in both, are impress in the same way, as the letters of the the words of the contents

again this prove, that we are in the presence of a international crime of conspiracy

as you can see, even the stamps are false or this criminal association has also a branch on Luxembourg post

to all the european authorities, I demand an immediate inquiry

remember also what is account on videos hereby published about the firsts phone contacts with curia

(this appears on this writing, inter n a tio bn a l, a eve lope, ou do lopes, pedro, envelope, en velo elo lope, also a name of a portuguese lady, velo, jason group, see lines about, on book of life, lux em burg, or first vase of the x, burg, city, cidade cida de, )

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