quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

a new crime at curia, a new phone call to european court

In this video account, there a part in portuguese, by the reason that apparently a portuguese lady, Nunes is one of the assistant of Mr secretary of the court, E. Coulon

i say apparently, by the same reason proved on one of the first video , trying to phone curia, where i had speak also with a lady portuguese and in subsequent phones, other peoples at the same court, say that there no one with that name

in the part in portuguese, in a synthetically way, the lady nunes say that s is normal in her point of vue, the existence of different signatures, which even are not, but only photocopies, of signatures, distinct, because she sat that sometimes, others administrators some times sign in his behalf

i replay to her, that is not possible and also illegal, because the name is mr E Coulon, and if another, administrator or other signed in her behalf, them this will be the correct formulation, and of course mentioned the name of whom signed in his behalf, which is not the case.

During the day of today, until the hour of this post, as contrary to what she told me, i did not received any return call from the court to speak with Mr. E Coulon

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