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a crime complain to the prosecutor of Italian republic trough the embassy of Italy at Lisbon

178 E 22 10 2011

This video is the prove of my attempt to present a crime complain to the prosecutor of Italian republic trough the embassy of Italy at Lisbon

as where all can see, better writing, hear, this common trick many use in communications, saying that the lines are always with problems and they do not listen well, is also based in a technical trick, because as I proved early, after the connection many time, we see in the visor of our telephone, another number appearing, which means, they deviated a connection trough a internal system, where it seems them this kind of problems or just pretext arise

at a certain point in this conversation, the lady give me another number, that I dial and as you can heard, after,we listen ourselves very well

has she expressly do a certain confusion about what I was saying to her?

It seems so, by all the conversation, and by the mainly reason, that as I say more them one time to the lady, the objectify of my call is to present a crime complain and we all must expect prompt and really helpful action always in this cases, as this is the case because is the official representation of a foreign country here

there is a particular answer of the lady that prove that she had made a confusion on purpose to arrive at the result, when apparently she say that, there are many elements of the blog, and again a answer her at that precisely moment, that I just wont to show her a letter which is the complain

also strange, is the fact, was all can hear, I gave her the address of the main page of the blog, but seems by the conversation that she open first the page documents, this point also a kind of intention of fishing, that is also present in many of this last calls

the result his that until this moment and after spending my phone credit, I did not have the certitude that my criminal complain is being carry by the embassy competent services and for this reason, I can also present a criminal complain against this lady for obstruction of justice, with the presumption that also some at the Italian embassy have active participation on this crime conspiracy

as you all know by my book of life, at, there are many reason for that

I just remember for the moment that the catholic church and the pope, did not answer me until this moment to a accusation letter delivered in hand at the patriarchal of Lisbon, with the accusation against roman church in the participation of the crime of abuse torture and stole of my soon

I m I being paranoiac

no, just using my intelligence and remember to the court to all and, that Lisbon is a small city, and more small are the circles of foreigner people, as you can see, I know many, even Italians that are here at Lisbon for many years, some of them with strange behaviors concerning my person, and I know by experience, that many have by illegal profits, the continuous actions to create me problems in many country’s

by other side, I remember the court and all that are many at least what he can consider rumors that point this crimes of child abuse connected also with some element ts of embassy’s, which can explain in part or in all, what by all the facts that I gave the accounts, a reason to so many embassy’s behavior in this strange modes

this memory pop up in this moment, because another, that I comment at the time, in my book of life, some months ago, perhaps more then a year, I was coming home walking, and in front of mna, a diplomatic car cross, driving by a man and by is side a young child with glasses that seems at the moment , my soon

the image was strange also by the fact that the young child, was in seat by side of the driver, normally child’s of that age go em back seats, and also by the glass, that point me, that image to be in a way prepared , as someone saying that, ago, my child was carried way by someone of the embassy’s

is not easy for a father that brings a soon abused torture and stole, live in a country, in a europe, and a planet where all the justice is denied to both for so many years!!!!!!!!

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