sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

a PT CRIME in two video parts

first part of two

second part of two

video 174 A E 21 10 2011 and 174 B E 21 10 2011

in two parts, this is the account of one more of the constants crimes that this international criminal association does trough the PT, the portuguese communications, where many terrorists are, before of all, trying in this way to protect the bandits of this group that namely are involved in the robber of my project channel zero, that after became you tube and had at least a value estimated at 3 billions dollars

beside the constant sub liminar inductions, namely done trough the noise they call music, that I also here comment, they have reach in this way, one your call, to get three official address of three pm of three Europeans country, not in mart, to make me spend all my credit, which as a clear intention in obstruction justice, and namely, that for this reason, I cant do more call to present criminal complains

as you can heard, they gave me as official address of the fr pm, an hotel, this seems of course, prove again, that they whore trying to tell another story, perhaps connected with the meaning of the word, that they reinforce, supervisor, or perhaps, super of the visor, in the french meaning of the word, super

this are police affairs, and for this reason they are the ones who must research this matters and if Pt is aware of some facets they must tell them directly to police, otherwise, this will be consider also a crime !

But of course was all know, there no such institution at least in portugal and perhaps even in europe and perhaps even everywhere

to all the authorities this is again a crime complain against PT , of the active participation on this crime of international conspiracy !!!!!!!

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